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Friday, 13 July 1906

Mr LONSDALE (New England) . - I rise to reply to an interjection made by the honorable member for Coolgardie.

The CHAIRMAN - Interjections are disorderly, and the honorable member has no right to reply to them.

Mr LONSDALE - It has been said that this amendment does not exempt the miner. I am prepared to test the honesty of the honorable member who made that interjection by moving an amendment which will exempt the miner. The honorable member for Coolgardie said that the amendment is for the benefit of one special class. The Bill throughout is intended to benefit the smallest class in the community. Yet the honorable member who made that remark does not dare to raise his voice against it. He sits calmly behind the Ministry voting for class legislation of the worst description. The amendment widens the scope of the Bill. I am prepared to widen it as much as possible. I do not come here to vote for legislation in the interests of two or three manufacturers. I am prepared to place the miners on the same footing as that upon which this amendment seeks to place the agriculturists. I like men to be consistent, and when some honorable members condemn class legislation and at the same time sit behind a Ministry which is guilty of the grossest legislation of that description, and never open their mouths in protest against it, I stigmatise their interjections as simply hypocritical.

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