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Friday, 13 July 1906

Mr GLYNN (Angas) .- We have already agreed to an amendment providing that the name, address, and occupation of the person who gives information shall be supplied to the importer. I would point out, however, that the informer may be a man of straw put forward by some person of means. To prevent the possibility of anything of that kind, I think that a bond should be taken from the informer that he will comply with any order of the Court as to costs in the event of the adjudication being in favour of the importer. I move -

That the amendment be further amended by the insertion of the following new sub-clause, to follow sub-clause 4 : - . "44. No certificate shall be issued on infor mation supplied by any person not being an officer of the Public Service unless such person gives to the Minister a bond for such amount and with such surety as the Minister may approve to abide any order of the Justice as to costs if the Justice determines the question in favour of the importer."

Sir WILLIAMLYNE (Hume- Minister of Trade and Customs [12.8]. - I trust that the honorable and learned member will not press his amendment, because I am endeavouring to meet the wishes of honorable members as far as I can. I intend to move the insertion of a new clause which will provide that the person giving information may be ordered by the Justice to whom the question is referred under this part of the Act to pay the whole, or part, of the costs incurredby the importer in whose favour the question is determined. That would applyto the case of a person wilfully making a false declaration or giving misleading information.

Mr Glynn - That would afford no security.

Sir WILLIAM LYNE - Does the honorable member suppose that in the event of a man of straw coming forward, the Comptroller-General, or the Minister, would take action ?

Mr Glynn - I am afraid he would.

Sir WILLIAM LYNE - I do not think the amendment would be workable. On the other hand, abundant safeguards would be afforded under the provision I intend to insert.

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