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Friday, 13 July 1906

Mr KELLY (Wentworth) .- It seems to me that the certificate which the Comptroller-General must issue in all these cases is a certificate to his own Minister, and, therefore, there is no reason why the original informant's name, whoever he be, should not go with it. The determination of the question of whether a prohibition shall be imposed on imported goods is afterwards to be referred to a Justice of the High Court, as provided in sub-clause 2. That provision, however, does not specify that the certificate shall be referred to a Justice. Obviously the Minister should know the source from which these charges have emanated.

Sir William Lyne - So he will.

Mr KELLY - The certificate is merely one from the Comptroller to the Minister, and the clause contains no direction that it shall be published.

Mr Isaacs - We have met the honorable member'sParty very fairly. I need scarcely point out to him that Parliament may call for the production of the certificate any time that it chooses.

Amendment of the amendment agreed to.

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