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Friday, 13 July 1906

In Committee(Consideration resumed from 12th July, vide page 1293) :

Clause 15-

1.   The Comptroller-General, whenever he has reason to believe that any person, either singly or in combination with any other person within or beyond the Commonwealth, is importing into Australia goods (hereinafter called " imported goods ") with the intention that they may be sold or offered for sale or otherwise disposed of within the Commonwealth in unfair competition with any Australian goods, may certify to the Minister accordingly.

2.   The certificate of the Comptroller-General shall specify the imported goods and the Australian goods referred to, and the person whom he believes to be importing goods with the intention aforesaid.

3.   Thereupon the Minister may -

(a)   appoint a Board of three persons to investigate and report upon all matters of fact material to the question whether the goods are being imported with the intention aforesaid ; and

(b)   notify in the Gazette that a Board has been so appointed for the purpose of the said investigation and report.

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