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Wednesday, 4 July 1906
Page: 1024

Mr PAGE (Maranoa) .- After listening to the honorable member for Kooyong, I am more than ever satisfied that he does not know " where he are." The honorable member desires to be informed as to what unfair competition is ; and, no doubt, he will find out on the day of election. If the honorable member thinks I am senseless, I invite htm to contest the Maranoa electorate against the brainless candidate ; and I guarantee to send him back to Kooyong with his tail jammed. If ever an honorable member made an electioneering speech in this Chamber, the honorable member for Kooyong has done so. We have been told about the honorable member for East Sydney making " YesNo " speeches ; the speech of the honorable member for Kooyong on this Bill was certainly a "Yes-No" speech. The position is that, now the election is approaching, the honorable member for Kooyong, and those who think with him, are trying to get as far as they can from the free-trade section, and yet they do not want to leave it altogether. The honorable member for Kooyong says that he does not desire to kill Australian industries ; and' yet his intention is to vote for the amendment of the honorable member for North Sydney. But the honorable member for Kooyong does not know what that amendment is. The honorable member heard outside the Chamber, or just before dinner, that the honorable member for North Sydney would propose that the whole of paragraph b be struck out ; whereas, the amendment that that honorable member has submitted is simply that the word " or " be omitted. I am satisfied that the honorable member for Kooyong, when he votes, will not know what, he is voting for ; and yet he has the cheek to get up here and tell us he represents the commercial interests of Australia. I represent the commercial interests - the bone and sinew - of Maranoa, and I might go on to say that I am president cf the " Geebung Club," or of the "Go-bung" Chamber of Commerce. Every honorable member in the House represents the commercial community just as much as does the honorable member for Kooyong. The honorable member does not represent the commercial community in my electorate. I am the member for Maranoa, and not the honorable member for Kooyong. We. have had a real " field day " on this particular provision, and the sooner we get to a vote the better.

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