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Wednesday, 27 June 1906

The CHAIRMAN - I must remind the honorable member that clause r has been passed.

Mr KELLY - When there is a misunderstanding of this kind it is the invariable rule to put the question again. I say, without fear of contradiction, that there has been no resistance to the second reading of this Bill ; and we on this side expect nothing but fair play when we are giving the Government all the assistance in our power.

The CHAIRMAN - I understand that there has been some misunderstanding as to clause 1, and I propose to put the question again.

Mr Crouch - I object. You, sir; have declared that clause 1 has been passed, and I do not think you have any right to put the question again.

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I submit there is no case on record in which a request like this, to again put the question, has been refused. Certainly, Mr. Speaker has never refused such a request, and it is the invariable rule, in cases of misunderstanding, to again put the question. I hope we shall not break this rule at the very entrance of this Bill into Committee.

Mr Deakin - Perhaps the honorable member for Wentworth will permit the clause to pass, on the understanding that if it afterwards be desired to submit an amendment, it may be recommitted -

Progress reported.

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