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Wednesday, 27 June 1906

Mr KELLY - Referring to some quotations - the tenor of which was opposed to the Australian Naval Agreement - made during the course of the debate upon the Address-in-Reply by the honorable member for Barker - quotations from an interview with Mr. Bellairs, M.P., whom the Prime Minister has told the House he acknowledges as " a very competent critic," I wish to ask the Minister representing the Minister of Defence whether he will give the same immediate consideration to such parts of that interview as the honorable member for Barker did not quote, as the latter asked for the extracts which he so carefully made. I especially desire to know whether the Minister will give his immediate consideration to the concluding paragraph of Mr. Bellairs' statement, which reads -

If they- meaning the Australians - are bent on experimenting let them experiment. It will do no harm for them to burn their fingers. The lesson would be a salutary one and awake them to the true significance of problems of naval defence.

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