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Tuesday, 26 June 1906

Mr SPEAKER - The honorable member for Lang has already spoken to this question.

Mr JOHNSON - I merely wish to say that I heard the honorable member for Parramatta qualify theremark to which the honorable member for Gwydir has called attention.

Mr SPEAKER - As the first remarks of the honorable member for Gwydir were addressed to me, I should like to inform the House what the position really is. No alterations of Hansard are permissible, but corrections are allowed. That is to say, any honorable member is at liberty, as he goes through his Hansard proofs, to make any corrections which will bring the report into closer agreement with what he actually said. But alterations of Hansard - that is to say, changes in the sense of what has been said, so that the Hansard report makes an honorable member say something which he did not say, or something of a different tenor - such changes as that, ' which I deem alterations, and not corrections, are not permissible, and ought not to be attempted by any honorable member.

Mr Webster - Or the elimination of remarks.

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I neither eliminated nor altered.

Mr SPEAKER - I am quite sure that the Hansard reporters, in pursuance of their duty, would not accept any alterations, except such as were in accordance with the rule I have just stated.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

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