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Thursday, 21 June 1906

Mr MAUGER (Melbourne Ports) . - I move--

That all the words after the word " House " be left out, with a view to insert in lieu thereof the words "the general election should be held as soon as practicable."

I do not know why honorable members should laugh at my proposal. If they do not desire to embarrass the Government, and to make this question a party one, they will accept the amendment. It is quite impossible to fix a date for the holding of the forthcoming elections, and my |only regret is that in discussing a question of this kind, upon which there should be no party feeling, references to Socialism and. land taxation have been dragged in. All parties! agree that it is desirable that the elections should be held at the time which is most suitable to the largest number of voters. I am sure that the Government are just as anxious that the elections should be held at .as early a date as possible, as any honorable member of the Opposition can be. It is within my own knowledge that officers of the Electoral Department are working night after night till 10 o'clock at the present time, and it will be necessary to subject them to even greater pressure. I trust that the amendment will be carried'.

Mr SPEAKER - Is the amendment seconded ?

Mr Crouch - I desire to second it.

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