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Tuesday, 19 June 1906

Mr EWING - The Public Service Commissioner advises as follows : -

1.   All telegraphists are required to show their efficiency by passing a practical examination before they can advance beyond¬£120 per annum. New entrants to the service, and officers of the general division who desire promotion to the clerical division, are required to pass the same examination. Any officer who passes it is entitled to proceed to the maximum of the fifth class.

2.   The other telegraphists referred to, who are fourth class officers, are not promoted on the report of an advisory board alone. They, likewise, are required to pass a practical examination as conditional to promotion, but of a much more difficult standard. In addition, they are examined in the theory of telegraphy, and as supervisory capacity is essential in the higher position, a report is furnished by an advisory board under this latter heading only. 3. (a) Yes, for the reason that it produces more perfect signals than can be obtained by hand sending, and absolute uniformity is obtained.

(b)   It is not admitted that their failure to pass was due to the transmitter used, but rather to their want of efficiency.

(c)   The working of the automatic transmitter is identical with that of hand sending, and there should be no necessity for officers to familiarize themselves with it ; but in all examinations the candidates are given a short preliminary practice.

4.   Most of (he candidates who failed in " receiving " last year were not tested in "sending" for the reason that, having failed in "receiving" itwas useless their proceeding further in the examination, and it would be inequitable to give the few who were tested an undue advantage over those who were not. Telegraphists, moreover, frequently deteriorate in "sending," while they do not in "receiving."

I may add that I have again directed the attention of the Public Service Commissioner to this matter.

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