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Friday, 15 June 1906

Mr PAGE (Maranoa) .- I wish the representatives of New South Wales would make up their minds as to how many Capital Sites they want inspected, where they are situated, and which one they favour most. When they have decided amongst themselves the rest of us would like to go and inspect the favoured place.

Mr Kelly - Will the honorable member take the verdict of the majority of the New South Wales members?

Mr PAGE - lt is very ingenious of the honorable member for Wentworth to make that suggestion. If the New South Wales members had their way they would " boss the show " altogether. We are here as a kind. of break to that, especially when they tr\ to arrange amongst themselves as to what shall be done by the Commonwealth. I also wish to direct the attention of the Minister representing the Minister of Defence to a statement made some time ago by the Military Commandant of Victoria. During last session the Premier of Victoria gave n "tea fight" or a "bun struggle " down the Bay. The Military Commandant for this State was invited to attend. Whether he had too much champagne, or whether he was suffering from real pain, I do not know, but he made a remarkable statement on that occasion, to which attention was directed at the time. He said that he was a State officer first and a Commonwealth officer afterwards. The Minister at the time promised that an investigation would be made into the Commandant's utterance. I should like to know whether an inquiry has been held, and, if so, whether the Minister will lav a report concerning it upon the table. I mav as well say now that I intend, for my own part, when the Estimates are under consideration, to try to compel -this gentleman to go to the State Government for his salary, in order that he may learn whose servant he is. If we do not get loyalty from officers in high places, I fail to see how we can expect it from the men in the ranks.

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