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Friday, 15 December 1905

Mr CARPENTER (Fremantle) - I have been asked by the honorable member for Hindmarsh to move an amendment. Just before an election takes place it is the practice for various organizations to make a canvass of the houses in the division for the purpose of ascertaining if the names of all those who are entitled to vote are upon the roll. The members of these bodies usually leave enrolment application forms with the householders, and after these forms have been filled in they collect them for the purpose of forwarding them to the Chief Electoral Officer. It has been found, however, that those employed in collecting these claims, instead of handing in the whole of them, destroy the applications of electors who are known to be political opponents. As aresult, it frequently happens that an elector, upon visiting the polling booth for the purpose of recording his vote, finds that his name does not appear upon the roll. That is a very unfair way of cheating him out of his vote. Consequently I move -

That the following words beadded : - " 182c. When any person has signed a claim to be enrolled as an elector, any other person who induces the claimant to let him have custody of the claim for transmission to the Electoral Registrar, and fails without just cause or excuse to transmit the claim to the Electoral Registrar shall be guilty of a contravention of this Act. 183D. - (1) If an employe who is an elector notifies his employer before the polling daythat he desires leave of absence to enable him to vote at any election, the employer shall, if the absence desired is necessary to enable the employe to vote at the election, allow him leave of absence without any penalty or disproportionate deduction of pay for such reasonable period not exceeding two hours asis necessary to enable the employe to vote at the election.

(2)   No employe shall under pretence that he intends to vote at the election, but without the bona fide intention of doing so, obtain leave of absence under this section.

(3)   This section shall not apply to any elector whose absence may cause danger or substantial loss in respect of the employment in which he is engaged.

Penalty : Five pounds."

Amendment agreed to.

Clause, as amended, agreed to.

Clause 50 (Voiding election for illegal practices).

Mr. GROOM(Darling Downs- Minister of Home Affairs). - The honorable member for Riverina desired that some means should be provided by which, if a Court were adjudicating upon a case which involved the voiding of a member's seat for illegal practice, the fact could be officially reported to the Minister. To meet his views, I move -

That the following words be added : - " 198B. When the Court- of Disputed Returns finds that any person has committed an illegal practice, the Principal Registrar or District Registrar of the High Court shall forthwith report the finding to the Minister.

Amendment agreed to.

Clause, as amended, agreed to. ,

Clause 51 (Gifts by candidate).

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