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Wednesday, 6 December 1905
Page: 6374

Mr DEAKIN (Ballarat) (Minister of External Affairs) . - I am indebted to the honorable member for having pointed out an undoubted omission, and to meet it, I move -

That after the word " person," line 5, toe words " other than a person deemed to be prohibited under section 8 of the principal Act," be inserted.

Amendment agreed to.

Mr. DEAKIN(Ballarat- Minister of External Affairs). - I wish to move another amendment. It frequently happens that vessels arrive with coloured stowaways and other prohibited immigrants on board who, being discovered, are taken into custody, and kept in prison, at the request of the ship-owners, sometimes for . three or four weeks, until the ship's departure. It is considered unfair that the State should bear the expense of their maintenance during that period, and, therefore, I am about to move an amendment which will cast that responsibility upon those through whose neglect the prohibited immigrants are brought here. I move -

That after the word "came," line ro, the words " and shall also be liable to pay to the Commonwealth for the State a fair sum to recoup the State for the cost of keeping and maintaining the prohibited immigrant, while awaiting his deportation from Australia."

Amendment agreed to.

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