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Wednesday, 6 December 1905
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Mr LIDDELL (Hunter) - I was particularly pleased to hear the remarks of the honorable member for North Sydney. I entirely agree with the view that he has put to the Committee. I think that the Act as it originally stood was sufficient to fulfilthe purpose for which it was intended. I do not believe that the three great races - the Caucasians, the Mongolians, and the negroes are capable of being amalgamated. The mixture of the Europeans with the Indian races has produced half-castes known as Eurasians, who are not acceptable to the British race. We have had an example of the evils attendant upon influxes of coloured aliens in the United States, and I shall always advocate the exclusion of the black or yellow races from Australia.

Mr.DEAKIN (Ballarat- Minister of External Affairs). - I am indebted to the honorable and learned member for Angas and the right honorable member for Balaclava for having directed my attention to an omission in the draft of my amendment. As the amendment stands, no provision is made for the contingency of the resolution being negatived. Upon referring to the Act from which the draftsman adopted the provision now before the

Committee, I find that one sub-paragraph has been omitted. I therefore move -

That the amendment be amended by inserting after the first paragraph the following words : - " If before the regulation comes into forcea resolution disapproving of it is passed by either House of the Parliament, the regulation shall be of no effect."

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