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Tuesday, 5 December 1905
Page: 6240

The CHAIRMAN - No. It is distinctly out of order, and I ask the honorable member to withdraw the observation.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - I did not say "in this Chamber." I said I have witnessed jobs in this House. If that is regarded as offensive, I shall withdraw it. But I still think it, and know it.

The CHAIRMAN - The honorable member must not qualify the withdrawal.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - It is withdrawn.

Mr Kennedy - The honorable member should specify the individuals if he knows them.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - I can specify them. The honorable member made a speech in this House only a few weeks ago in favour of the union label, but yesterday he turned head over heels, and he voted against it to-night.

Mr Kennedy - That is not correct.

The CHAIRMAN - The honorable member must address himself to the proposed new clause.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - I feel sore and grieved on this question. It is enough to upset any man's temper when he sees letters, in the newspapers day after day begging for hard-up and starving families.

Mr Lonsdale - Will the union label help them?

Mr KING O'MALLEY - Honorable members ought to do everything possible to relieve such people from suffering, and to ameliorate their unfortunate condition. But dowe find them doing that? We find fights going on day after day not to help the strugglers and toilers, but' to help those who already have more money than they can spend. Money requires no assistance. It can take care of itself. It is the unfortunate people without money who require assistance. I am opposed to this amendment, and shall insist upon it going to a division. The deputy leader of the Opposition has said something about " a disgrace to the House."

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - I say that the honorable member is a disgrace to this Chamber.

The CHAIRMAN - I must ask the honorable member to withdraw that statement.

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - Yes, sir ; in deference to you I must withdraw it, of course.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - I am going to insist upon a division.

Mr JOSEPH COOK (PARRAMATTA, NEW SOUTH WALES) - A man who gets up in this House and deliberately advocates race suicide should be condemned.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - That is another declaration without any foundation. I want honorable members opposite to stand up and be counted. I want the workers of this country to see who wish to put on the statute-book class legislation of the most heinous and damnable description.

The CHAIRMAN - Order ! The honorable member must not use such terms.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - I will withdraw the word " damnable," and say " diabolical " instead. Why was the amendment moved? What was its object? I feel very sore on this question. The object, apparently, is to brand the whole of the workers of this country as absolute criminals, and to send them to gaol for such an offence as the honorable member for Kooyong desires to create. It is for these reasons that I shall insist upon a vote being taken.

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