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Thursday, 30 November 1905

Mr KNOX - Honorable members opposite have said more than once, while I have been speaking, that they do not desireto secure advantage by means of coercion. I frankly accept their assurances. I am glad that an opportunity will be given to them to show their bona fides. I have also a letter from the Farmers', Property Owners', and Producers' Association Geelong, dated 18th November, 1905, whichI will read -

Dear Sir,

I am directed by the Executive Committee of the Farmers', Property Owners' and Producers* Association to notify you that the following resolution has been agreed to by all the branches of this Association in Victoria, viz. : -

That the members of this Association protest against the union label on the ground that it will interfere with industrial liberty and give to unions - controlled for political purposes - the power to boycott those who have an equal right' with unionists to freely dispose of the produce of their labours.

My Executive Committee trusts that you will give consideration to the above resolution, which has been carried unanimously by 130 branches of this Association, which exist throughout the electorates in the State of Victoria.

Yours faithfully,

H.   D'Helin, General Secretary.

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