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Thursday, 30 November 1905

Mr WILSON - It is a town eight miles from Bannockburn, and Bannockburn isfourteen miles from Geelong. It is in the electorate of Corangamite, but under the redistribution of seats scheme it will be included within the electorate of Corio. Thetelegram reads : -

Inverleigh branch Farmers' League unanimously approves your action opposing union label clause, and strongly condemns such clause.

F.   Peel, Secretary.

I now propose to read an extract from the

Agc,of 23rd September last, setting forth a resolution which was carried by the New South Wales Employers' Federation. The resolution is -

Federation strongly opposed to AttorneyGeneral's proposed amendments in connexion with union label provisions, Trade Marks Bill, and1 consider the label, together with the amendments, as calculated to introduce new and irritating relations between employers and employed. They are also opposed to common law rights, as they strainthe Constitution, and are likely to promote antipathy in the States to the Commonwealth.

That expresses the feeling of a large body of men in New South Wales with regard to> these clauses. That strong feeling against these clauses exists also in Queensland will be seen from the following resolution of the Federated Employers' Executive in that State : -

Federated Employers' Executive strongly averse to proposed amendments, Trade Marks Bill, being in nature of express class legislation, and subversive of good relations between employers and workers, interfering with individual common law rights, and calculated to embarrass and embitter all employing classes. The Commonwealth trade mark invidiously affects and injures some States, and will certainly deepen distrust of Federal Parliament, and increase disaffection in such States to the Commonwealth system.

That is, if anything,, a stronger protest than that which I have quoted from New South Wales, and Queensland is a State which is not supposed to be hostile to labour legislation. I have here another resolution from South Australia-

Mr HUME COOK (BOURKE, VICTORIA) - Is the honorable member in order in reading newspaper extracts commenting upon a matter before the House?

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