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Wednesday, 29 November 1905

Mr KELLY (Wentworth) - It will be fairer to honorable members, especially those who are in the habit of returning to their homes at the week end, if the Prime Minister at once informed them whether he proposes to sit after the usual hour of adjournment On Friday next, and on the following day.

Mr Deakin - Certainly ; unless we have disposed of the Trade Marks Bill.

Mr KELLY - It would be almost as great a pity to interfere with the private liberties of honorable members in regard to going to and returning from their homes, as it would be to endeavour to force through the Trade Marks Bill by the application of the " gag." It seems to me that we ought to know definitely what we may expect, because many of us have to make arrangements ahead. For instance, I have made an appointment to proceed to my constituency with a Minister in order to attend to certain departmental requirements. If the House is to sit late on Friday next, and meet on the following day, I shall have to abandon all my plans. It should be fully understood that the decision to sit on extra days is not due to any action on the part of the Opposition in delaying business, but to the desire of the Government to push through an undue amount of work before the session closes.

Mr. HENRYWILLIS (Robertson).If it were the intention of the Government to close the session at the end of next week, Icould quite understand the proposal to sit on extra days. I trust that the Prime Minister will not this week sit later than the usual hour of adjournment on Fridays. I see no reason, however, why we should not afterwards sit on Mondays, or meet at an earlier hour on the ordinary sitting days.

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