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Wednesday, 29 November 1905

Mr CROUCH (Corio) - If the Attorney General turns to clauses 56 and 57, he will find that a registration that has been removed for non-payment of fees, may be restored upon payment of the necessary fees, but thatno power is given to restore a registration which has been removed for causes other than non-payment of fees, after notice has been given. Under the Victorian Companies Act, the Registrar had power to remove companies from his register; but it was found necessary to bring in an amending Act to empower him, on due cause shown, to restore any name which had been taken off.

Mr Isaacs - Has the Registrar that power ? I thought the Court had it.

Mr CROUCH - The Registrar has that power now. I do not care whether the Registrar or the Court is given the power under the Bill; but at present it seems to me that it is. not given at all.

Mr Isaacs - It is provided for in clause 70.

Mr CROUCH - I do not think that the provisions of clause 70 meet the case. I do not think that there is any power to restore, even on due cause shown. Perhaps the Attorney-General will look into the matter. There should be power to restore.

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