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Wednesday, 29 November 1905

Mr KING O'MALLEY (Darwin) - I should like to know whether, if the ruling of Mr. Deputy Speaker be upheld, every honorable member who is not an original genius will be excluded from taking part In our debates? Would it mean, for instance, that the honorable member for Darwin, in the event of an attack being made upon him, would not be at liberty to re-state the arguments used against him, and to answer them ?

Mr Johnson - Under this ruling, the honorable member would be absolutely shut out.

Mr KING O'MALLEY - We have millions of imitators, but very few original thinkers. If we were precluded from following the language and ideas that have been expressed by others for thousands of years, no honorable member could make a speech. I have heard little originality in this House, and it seems to me that it is essential to our well-being that there should be repetition. The present is only an evolutionary repetition of the past. As the ruling, if upheld, would cause the Opposition to give up hope, I feel that I should support Mr. Deputy Speaker, but having regard to the rights and liberties of the House, I feel that I ought to support the action of the honorable member for Illawarra. On this question, therefore, I am a "Yes-No" man, and I therefore trust that the motion will not be pressed. If it is, I shall have to think very seriously, and that is what I do not wish to do. In this country everything prospers, but no one thinks, and that is what I do not wish to be called upon to do.

Mr. FULLER(Illawarra). - I regret that so much time has been occupied in discussing the motion, but feel that the way in which it has been received affords ample justification for my action in submitting it. In view of the statement made by Mr. Deputy Speaker, that his original ruling is correct, and that those which followed are hardly in accordance with that which he intended, I think that I ought not to press the motion. I therefore beg leave to withdraw it.

Motion, by leave, withdrawn.

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