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Thursday, 23 November 1905

Mr GROOM (Darling Downs) (Minister of Home Affairs) . - I move-

That the amendment be disagreed to.

I ask the Committee to disagree to the amendment, because it is impossible to include as within the Commonwealth person's who are outside the Commonwealth. Moreover, it would be difficult to determine, were the amendment agreed to, whether persons so travelling should be credited to the State whose port they had left or to that to whose port they were going. What is necessary can be effected under clause 15, which provides that the Statistician: shall obtain returns with respect to persons who during the night of the census day are not abiding in any dwelling.

Motion agreed to.

Clause12 -

The particulars to be specified in the Householder's Schedule shall include the particulars following : -

(a)   the name, sex, age. . . . length of residence in Australia, and nationality of every person. . . .

Senate's Amendment.-After" person " insert " abiding in the dwelling during the night of the Census day."

Motion (by Mr.Groom) agreed to-

That the amendment be agreed to.

Clause 15 -

1.   The Statistician shall obtain such returns and particulars as are prescribed with respect to persons, who, during the night of the Census Day, were not abiding on that night in any dwelling.....

Senate's Amendment.- Leave out "on that night."

Motion (by Mr. Groom) agreed to -

That the amendment be agreed to.

Clause 16. -

The Statistician shall, subject to the regulations and the directions of the Minister, collect, annually, statistics in relation to all or any of the following matters : -

(a)   Vital, social, and industrial statistics. . . .

Senate's Amendments.- Insert new paragraphs " (aa) Population," " (ab) Employment and nonemployment," " (fa) Postal and telegraphic," leave out " statistics," line 5.

Motion (by Mr. Groom) agreed to -

That the amendments be agreed to, with the addition of the word " matters " to paragraph (ca), and the substitution of the word "matters" for the word " statistics," left out in line 5,

Clause 19 (Powers of entry and inspection).

Senate's Amendment.- Insert at the beginning of the clause "For the purpose of making any inquiries or observations necessary for the proper carrying out of this Act.

Clause 27 (Statistical matter may be sent by post free of charge).

Senate's Amendment.- Leave out clause.

Motion (by Mr. Groom) agreed to -

That the amendments of clauses 19 and 27 be agreed to.

Reported that the Committee had disagreed to one amendment, agreed to two with amendments, and agreed to the remainder without amendment; report adopted.

Ordered -

That the Prime Minister, the Minister of Home Affairs, and the Treasurer be a Committee to prepare and draw upa reason for disagreeing with amendment No. 1.

Reason brought up and adopted.

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