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NASH, the Hon. Fiona JoyBiography for NASH, the Hon. Fiona Joy

Senator for New South Wales


Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for New South Wales 2004 (term began 1.7.2005), 2010 and 2016. Election ruled void 27.10.17 under section 44 of the Constitution; ruled ineligible from 2.7.16.

Ministerial Appointments

Assistant Minister for Health from 18.9.13 to 21.9.15.

Minister for Rural Health from 21.9.15 to 19.7.16.

Minister for Regional Development from 18.2.16 to 27.10.17.

Minister for Regional Communications from 18.2.16 to 27.10.17.

Minister for Local Government and Territories from 19.7.16 to 27.10.17.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Senators' Interests from 16.8.05 to 11.2.08; Publications from 16.8.05 to 11.2.08; Selection of Bills from 6.2.06 to 22.9.08; Library from 2.3.06 to 11.2.08; Procedure from 17.8.07 to 11.2.08; Appropriations and Staffing from 14.2.08 to 12.3.09.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade: References Committee from 16.8.05 to 6.9.05; Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport from 11.9.06 to 24.9.08 and from 12.3.09 to 14.5.09; References Committee from 16.8.05 to 11.9.06 and from 14.5.09 to 11.11.13 and Legislation Committee from 9.2.06 to 11.9.06 and from 14.5.09 to 11.11.13.

Senate Select: Agricultural and Related Industries from 14.2.08 to 23.9.10; National Broadband Network from 26.6.08 to 17.6.10.

Joint Standing: Parliamentary Library from 2.3.06 to 17.10.07.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts and Audit from 16.8.05 to 23.3.07; Intelligence and Security from 9.5.06 to 5.12.08; Law Enforcement from 16.3.12 to 5.8.13.

Parliamentary Party Positions

The Nationals Party Whip in the Senate from 6.2.07 to 22.9.08.

Deputy Leader of The Nationals in the Senate from 27.6.08 to 27.10.17.

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Water Resources and Conservation from 22.9.08 to 1.12.08; Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Education from 14.9.10 to 18.9.13.

Federal Parliamentary Deputy Leader, The Nationals from 12.2.16 to 27.10.17.

Party Positions

Member, The Nationals Central Council (NSW) from 1997.

Chair, The Nationals Lachlan Electorate Council 1997-2002.

Member, The Nationals Central Executive (NSW) 1999-2005.

Delegate, The Nationals Federal Council from 2002.

Delegate, The Nationals Women's Federal Council 2002-05; Treasurer 2003.

Member, The Nationals Central Council Campaign Committee (NSW) from 2003.


Born 6.5.1965, Sydney, NSW.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

BA LibStud (Mitchell CAE).

Farming partner from 1991.

Ministerial staffer 1999-2004.