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Biography for BOWEN, the Hon. Lionel Frost, AC

Member for Kingsford-Smith (NSW) 1969-90

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

State: Elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for Randwick 1962, holding that seat until resignation 18.9.69.

Federal: Elected to the House of Representatives for Kingsford-Smith, New South Wales, 1969, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1984 and 1987.

Retired prior to general elections 1990.

Parliamentary Appointments

Member, Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations from 17.5.78 to 1981.

Ministerial Appointments

Postmaster-General from 19.12.72 to 12.6.74.

Special Minister of State from 30.11.73 to 6.6.75.

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister from 30.11.73 to 12.6.74.

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister in matters relating to the Public Service from 12.6.74 to 6.6.75.

Minister for Manufacturing Industry from 6.6.75 to 11.11.75.

Deputy Prime Minister from 11.3.83 to 4.4.90.

Minister for Trade from 11.3.83 to 13.12.84.

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Commonwealth-State Relations from 11.3.83 to 4.4.90.

Vice-President of the Executive Council from 14.7.83 to 24.7.87.

Attorney-General from 13.12.84 to 24.3.90.

Committee Service

State: Library 1962-65; Parliament Buildings 1965-67; Public Accounts 1965-69.

Federal: House of Representatives Standing: Privileges from 3.3.76 to 4.2.83; Standing Orders from 1.3.78 to 4.2.83.

House of Representatives Select: Aircraft Noise 1970.

Joint Select: Family Law Act from 12.10.78 to 28.8.80.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, Parliamentary Mission to Japan and Korea, February-March 1972.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to the People's Republic of China, June 1973.

Visited Peru, Jamaica and Washington with the Prime Minister from 23.4.75 to 11.5.75.

Official visit to New Zealand, September 1975.

Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Delegations to the Australian Constitutional Conventions, Hobart, October 1976, Perth, July 1978, Adelaide, April 1983 and Brisbane, July 1985.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to 2nd General Assembly of AIPO, Bangkok, September-October 1979.

Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Election Observer Team to Southern Rhodesia, February-March 1980.

Official Representative of Australian Government at funeral of assassinated Korean Ministers, October 1983.

Leader, Trade Mission to Middle East, December 1983.

Attended special ministerial meeting, Brazil, September 1984.

Official Representative of Australian Government at funeral of Indian Prime Minister Mrs Gandhi, October 1984.

Official visits to Japan, Canada and USA, August 1983; Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia, September 1984; Italy, Ireland and Scandinavia, August-September 1985; Zimbabwe, July-August 1986; Fiji, August 1986; Europe and USA, April 1987; Korea and Japan, February-March 1988; USA, April 1988; South America and Europe, October 1988; New Zealand, September 1989; UK, USA and Canada, September-October 1989; New Zealand, February 1990.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 27.1.76 to 11.3.83.

Spokesman on Attorney-General matters from 27.1.76 to 8.11.80; on Corporations from 2.6.77 to 29.12.77; on Overseas Trade and on Special Trade Representation matters from 29.12.77 to 7.11.80 and on Foreign Affairs from 7.11.80 to 11.3.83.

Manager, Opposition Business in the House from 10.11.80 to 11.3.83.

Deputy Leader of the Federal Australian Labor Party from 22.12.77 to 4.4.90.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition from 22.12.77 to 11.3.83.

Leader of the House from 14.7.83 to 21.1.84.


Born 28.12.22 at Sydney, NSW.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

LLB (Syd).


New South Wales State MLA (see under Parliamentary Service).

Local Government Service

Alderman, Randwick Municipal Council 1948-62 (Mayor 1950-51 and 1955-56).

Councillor, Sydney County Council 1957-62.


Appointed Companion of the Order of Australia, January 1991.


Description: Metropolitan - residential suburban and industrial.

Location: Southern Sydney; following the 1984 Federal redistribution includes the suburbs of Botany, La Perouse, Malabar, Maroubra, Mascot, Matraville, Redfern and Waterloo.

Area: 61 sq km (approx.).

Electors enrolled: 72 765 (at 11.7.87).

Industries: Chemical works, oil refineries, transport (including Sydney airport). The Prince Henry Teaching Hospital is included within the electorate.

State electorates: Kingsford-Smith includes parts of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly electorates of Heffron, McKell, Maroubra and Marrickville.