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Biography for TEAGUE, Baden Chapman

Senator for South Australia 1978-96

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for South Australia 1977 (term began 1.7.78), 1983, 1984, 1987 and 1990. Retired 30.6.96.

Parliamentary Appointments

Parliamentary Representative on the Council of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies from 26.11.80 to 17.9.86.

Parliamentary Representative on the Council of the National Library of Australia from 21.11.89 to 21.11.92.

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chair of Committees from 15.9.87 to 30.6.96.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Library from 25.8.81 to 21.2.85; Privileges from 24.9.87 (Chair from 13.10.94) to 30.6.96; Regulations and Ordinances from 24.9.87 to 24.2.88; Procedure from 18.8.93 to 30.6.96.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Education and the Arts from 17.8.78 (Chair from 27.8.81 to 4.2.83) to 5.6.87; National Resources from 17.8.78 to 19.9.80; Employment, Education and Training from 24.9.87 to 11.9.90; Full member, Employment, Education and Training: References Committee from 10.10.94 to 29.4.96; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 24.9.87 to 10.10.94; Full member, Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade: References and Legislation Committees from 10.10.94 to 30.6.96.

Senate Select: Education of Gifted and Talented Children from 22.9.87 to 18.5.88.

Senate Estimates: G from 2.4.81 to 4.2.83; B from 26.8.81 to 4.2.83, from 5.3.92 to 8.2.94 and from 12.5.94 to 10.10.94; D from 4.5.83 to 21.2.85, from 21.8.86 to 5.6.87, from 9.5.90 to 31.8.91 and from 1.10.91 to 5.3.92; E from 26.3.85 to 21.8.86 and from 8.2.94 to 12.5.94; C from 29.9.88 to 8.5.90.

Joint Statutory: Australian Security Intelligence Organization from 1.7.93 to 6.10.93.

Joint Standing: Australian Capital Territory from 22.8.78 to 19.9.80; New Parliament House from 1.7.81 to 26.10.84; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 23.9.81 to 4.2.83 and from 28.2.85 to 5.6.87; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 19.8.93 to 30.6.96.

Joint Select: Migration Regulations from 14.6.89 to 19.2.90.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Attended 2nd AIPO General Assembly, Bangkok, September-October 1979; 3rd AIPO General Assembly, Jakarta, September 1980; 10th AIPO General Assembly, Manila, August 1989; 15th AIPO General Assembly and bilateral visits, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia, September-October 1994.

Member, Australian Delegation to the South Pacific Commission, Pago Pago, October 1982.

Parliamentary visit to China, July 1985; Deputy Leader, Joint Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence Delegation to China, October 1986; Deputy Leader, Australian Liberal Party Delegation to China, November 1987; Member Coalition Delegation to China, September 1990; Deputy Leader, Senate Delegation to China April 1994.

Delegate, 34th CPA Conference, Canberra, September 1988; 20th CPA Regional Conference, Kiribati, September 1989; CPA Regional Seminar, Cook Islands and Sydney, August 1990.

Parliamentary visits to India, Pakistan and Nepal, June 1989; Canada and USA, May 1991; Latin America, July-August 1991; Russia and Mongolia, October 1991; Oman, Egypt and Jordan, October 1993; Korea, April 1994.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the European Parliamentary Institutions and Ireland, August-September 1991.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the inaugural meeting of the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum, Canberra, December 1991.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia and Morocco, November-December 1993.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 7.4.93 to 26.5.94. Parliamentary Secretary to the Chairperson of the Family and Human Resources Management Group from 7.4.93 to 26.5.94.

Party Positions

Policy Co-ordinator and Member, Liberal Party State Executive (SA) 1974-76.

Member, Liberal Party State Council (SA) from 1974-93.

Member, Federal Liberal Party Policy and Platform Review Committee, 1978-82.

Co-ordinator, Peace Through Security Campaign, 1986.

Co-ordinator (SA), Referenda Campaign, 1988.


Born 18.9.44 at Adelaide, SA.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

BA (Hons), BSc (Adel), PhD (Cantab).

University Professional Officer responsible for Welfare Services, and University Lecturer in History of Ideas 1972-78.

Other Positions

Chair, Committee of Review into the Australian Volunteers Abroad Program 1981.