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Biography for POWELL, Janet Frances

Senator for Victoria 1986-93

Australian Democrats to 31.7.92; Independent from 31.7.92 to 30.6.93

Parliamentary Service

Chosen by the Parliament of Victoria on 26.8.86 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice the Hon. D.L. Chipp (resigned). Elected 1987 (term deemed to have begun 1.7.87). Defeated at general elections 1993 (term expired 30.6.93).

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chairman of Committees from 15.9.87 to 1.12.88.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Privileges from 24.9.87 to 30.6.90 and from 29.4.92 to 30.6.93; Scrutiny of Bills from 24.9.87 to 30.6.90 and from 10.10.91 to 19.8.92.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Transport, Communications and Infrastructure from 24.9.87 to 30.6.90 and from 10.10.91 to 19.8.92; Legal and Constitutional Affairs from 24.9.87 to 30.6.90.

Senate Select: Television Equalisation from 5.12.86 to 23.3.87; Subscription Television Broadcasting Services from 26.6.92 to 19.8.92.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, 82nd IPU Conference, London, September 1989.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Leader of the Australian Democrats from 1.7.90 to 19.8.91.

Spokesperson for Australian Democrats on Social Security; Administrative Services; Consumer Affairs (from AG's); Primary Industry (from Primary Industries and Energy); Communications (from Transport and Communications); Local Government from 6.8.87 to 8.5.90; on Communications; Primary Industry; Social Security; Administrative Services; Local Government; Consumer Affairs from 8.5.90 to 30.6.90; on Prime Minister and Cabinet; Administrative Services; Women from 1.7.90 to 8.10.91; on Consumer Affairs; Employment and Training; Housing; Transport and Telecommunications from 8.10.91 to 31.7.92).

Party Positions

Australian Democrats National Rural Policy Convenor 1980-82.

Senior Vice-President, Australian Democrats (Vic) 1982-83, 1985-86.

President, Australian Democrats (Vic) 1983-84, 1984-85.

National Deputy President, Australian Democrats, 1984-85, 1985-86.


Born 29.9.42 at Nhill, Vic.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

BA, DipEd (Melb).