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Biography for BAUME, the Hon. Peter Erne, AO

Senator for New South Wales 1974-91

Liberal Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for New South Wales 1974 (term deemed to have begun 1.7.73), 1975, 1977, 1983 and 1987.

Resigned 28.1.91.

Parliamentary Appointments

Parliamentary Representative on the Council of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies from 18.7.74 to 17.7.77 and from 21.2.80 to 26.11.80.

Member, Australian National Commission for UNESCO 1984-85.

Parliamentary Representative on the Council of the Australian National University from 12.2.86 to 28.1.91.

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chairman of Committees from 7.10.87 to 28.1.91.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs from 3.11.80 to 7.5.82.

Minister Assisting the Minister for National Development and Energy from 3.11.80 to 7.5.82.

Minister for Health from 20.4.82 to 7.5.82.

Minister for Education from 7.5.82 to 11.3.83.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Disputed Returns and Qualifications from 24.2.76 to 19.9.80 and from 4.5.83 to 5.6.87; Standing Orders from 9.5.78 to 4.2.83.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Social Environment from 25.9.74 to 11.11.75; Social Welfare from 24.3.76 (Chairman from 25.3.76) to 19.9.80; Education and the Arts from 21.4.83 to 21.2.85; Employment, Education and Training from 24.9.87 to 27.10.87; Industry, Science and Technology from 24.9.87 to 28.1.91.

Senate Select: Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders from 18.3.76 to 26.8.76; Administration of Aboriginal Affairs from 2.6.88 to 28.2.89; Health Legislation and Health Insurance from 16.6.89 to 20.12.90.

Senate Estimates: E from 3.10.74 to 15.4.75; D from 15.4.75 to 11.11.75; E again from 29.4.76 (Chairman from 18.5.76) to 16.3.78; D again from 4.5.83 to 20.3.86; B from 20.3.86 to 24.3.87; F from 24.3.87 to 5.6.87; D again from 24.9.87 to 29.9.88; F from 29.9.88 to 8.5.90; C from 9.5.90 to 28.1.91.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts from 4.3.76 to 31.3.77.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Alternate Delegate, Commonwealth Parliamentary Delegations to the Australian Constitutional Conventions, Adelaide, April 1983 and Brisbane, July 1985.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the European Parliamentary Institutions, North Atlantic Assembly and Finland, September-October 1987.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Government Deputy Whip in the Senate from 11.10.77 to 28.2.78.

Government Whip in the Senate from 28.2.78 to 3.11.80.

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 16.3.83 to 26.3.87. Spokesman on Education and Youth Affairs from 16.3.83 to 14.12.84; on Education from 14.12.84 to 9.9.85; on the Status of Women from 14.12.84 to 26.3.87; on Community Services from 9.9.85 to 26.3.87.

Party Positions

Member, State Council, Liberal Party of Australia (NSW) from 1973.

Member, State Executive, Liberal Party of Australia (NSW) 1983-85.

Patron, University of New South Wales Liberal Club 1983-84.

Federal Patron, Young Liberal Movement of Australia from 1984-86.

Member, Youth Advisory Select Committee of Federal Council from 1984-85.


Born 30.1.35 at Sydney, NSW.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

MD (Syd), FRACP.

Consulting physician.

Honorary Assistant Physician, Royal North Shore Hospital.

Member, Commonwealth Therapeutic Goods Advisory Committee.

Clinical Lecturer, Sydney University, New South Wales.

Other Positions

Convenor, Parliamentary Baden-Powell Fellowship from 1984.

Vice-President, Australia-Israel Inter-Parliamentary Group from 1985.

Member, Government's Working Party on Affirmative Action Legislation 1985-87.

Member, Parliamentary Liaison Group on AIDS from 1985.

Member, Presiding Officers' Information Systems Advisory Committee from 1985.

Member, Advisory Group on Emergency First Aid Services and Occupational Health and Safety Matters from 1986.

Member, Australian Parliamentary Association for UNICEF from 1987.

Member, AIDAB Selection Panel, Bicentennial Awards for Excellence in Overseas Development Assistance 1988.

Military Service

RMO University of New South Wales Regiment (CMF) 1960-62.

Reserve of Officers, CMF.


Appointed Officer of the Order of Australia, January 1992.