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GARDINER, the Hon. AlbertBiography for GARDINER, the Hon. Albert

Senator for (NSW)

Progressive Labor

Parliamentary Service

State: Elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for Forbes, 1891.

Federal: Elected to the Senate for New South Wales 1910. Re-elected 1914, 1919. Defeated at general elections 1925. Chosen by the Parliament of New South Wales on 5.6.1928 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice J Grant (deceased). Resigned 16.11.1928 to contest the House of Representatives division of Dalley, New South Wales, 1928 (defeated).

Parliamentary Appointments

Chairman of the Commonwealth Advisory Council of Science and Industry Executive Committee from April to November 1916.

Ministerial Appointments

Cabinet Minister from 17.9.1914 to 27.10.1916.

Vice-President of the Executive Council from 17.9.1914 to 27.10.1916.

Assistant Minister for Defence from July 1915 to November 1916.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Printing from 6.7.1910 to 5.8.1910; Printing from 25.7.1912 to 1.1.1914; Library from 12.7.1917 to 1.1.1926; Standing Orders from 22.7.1920 to 1.1.1926; Disputed Returns and Qualifications from 29.6.1922 to 1.1.1922; Disputed Returns and Qualifications from 11.6.1925 to 1.1.1925.

Senate Select: General Elections from 2.10.1913 to 1.1.1913 (Chair from 1.1.1913 to 1.1.1913); Mr Teesdale Smith's Contract?Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta Railway from 3.6.1914 to 1.1.1914; Claims of Captain J. Strasburg for War Gratuity from 8.12.1921 to 1.1.1922 (Chair from 1.1.1922 to 1.1.1922); Case of First Lieutenant W. W. Paine from 28.8.1924 to 1.1.1924; Case of J. T Dunk from 4.9.1924 to 1.1.1924 (Chair from 4.9.1924 to 1.1.1924).

Conferences Delegations and Visits

Member, Parliamentary party that visited England in 1911, at the invitation of the Imperial Government, on the occasion of the coronation of King George V

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member of the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party Executive from 15.11.1916 to 13.6.1917.

Deputy Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Australian Labor Party from 29.11.1916 to 30.6.1926.

Leader of the Opposition in the Senate from 29.11.1916 to 30.6.1926.

Party Positions

Member, Political Labor League

Member, Labor's central executive, 1907

Member, Labor's central executive, 1913-16

Delegate, Labor federal conference, 1916

Deputy Leader, Labor Caucus, 1916-26

Delegate, Labor federal conference, 1919

Delegate, Labor federal conference, 1927


Born 30.7.1867, Orange, Australia

Died 14.8.1952, Bondi Junction


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament



Member, local Australian Workers Union

Worked with the Colonial Sugar Refining Company, Fiji

Organiser, Australian Workers Union, 1898-99

Member of the executive, Orange branch of the Australian Workers Union, 1901-04

Local Government Service

Elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for Forbes, 1891.

Elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for Ashburnham, 1894. Defeated at general elections 1895.

Elected to the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for Orange, 1904. Defeated at general elections 1907.