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GALLAGHER, Katherine (Katy) RuthBiography for GALLAGHER, Katherine (Katy) Ruth

Senator for Australian Capital Territory

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Territory: elected to the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly for Molonglo, 2001. Resigned 23.12.2014.

Federal: chosen by the Legislative Assembly of the Australian Capital Territory on 25.3.2015, under section 44 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to represent the Australian Capital Territory in the Senate, vice KA Lundy (resigned) (term ended 9.5.2016). Elected 2016. Election ruled void 9.5.18 under section 44 of the Constitution.

Ministerial Appointments

State: Chief Minister (ACT) from 16.5.11 to 10.12.14.

Deputy Chief Minister (ACT) from 20.4.06 to 15.05.11.

Treasurer (ACT) from 11.11.08 to 30.06.11.

Minister for Health (ACT) from 20.04.06 to 11.12.14.

Minister for Regional Development (ACT) from 9.11.12 to 11.12.14.

Minister for Higher Education (ACT) from 9.11.12 to 11.12.14.

Minister for Territory and Municipal Services (ACT) from 23.11.11 to 8.11.12.

Minister for Community Services (ACT) from 11.11.08 to 9.11.09.

Minister for Women (ACT) from 23.12.02 to 9.11.09.

Minister for Education, Youth and Family Services (ACT) from 23.12.02 to 26.05.04 and Minister for Education and Training (ACT) from 26.05.04 to 20.4.06.

Minister for Children, Youth and Family Support (ACT) from 26.05.04 to 20.04.06; Minister for Children and Young People (ACT) from 18.04.07 to 5.11.08.

Minister for Disability and Community Services ACT) from 20.04.06 to 5.11.08.

Minister for Industrial Relations (ACT) from 23.12.02 to 20.04.06 and from 10.11.09 to 23.11.11.

Minister for Disability and Community Services (ACT) from 20.04.06 to 5.11.08.

Committee Service

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Finance and Public Administration Legislation and References from 26.03.15 to 12.11.15; Community Affairs: Legislation and References Committees from 12.11.15 to 9.5.16; Legal and Constitutional Affairs, References Committee substitute member from 20.8.15 to 9.5.16.

Senate Standing: Scrutiny of Bills from 26.03.15 to 12.11.15; Appropriations, Staffing and Security from 1.9.16 to 9.5.18; Procedure from 12.9.16 to 9.5.18; Selection of Bills from 12.9.16 to 9.5.18.

Joint Standing: National Capital and External Territories from 26.03.15 to 9.5.16 and from 12.9.16 to 9.5.18; National Disability Insurance Scheme from 12.9.16 to 15.9.16; Intelligence and Security from 13.9.16 to 9.5.18.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts and Audit from 26.03.15 to 12.11.15; Intelligence and Security from 25.6.15 to 9.5.16.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader on State and Territory Relations from 13.10.15 to 23.07.16.

Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness from 13.10.15 to 23.07.16.

Shadow Minister for Mental Health from 13.10.15 to 23.07.16.

Shadow Minister for Small Business and Financial Services from 23.07.16 to 6.12.17

Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate from 14.9.16 to 6.12.17


Born 18.3.1970, Canberra, ACT.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament


Member, Legislative Assembly (ACT), 2001-14 (see Parliamentary Service above).

Organiser, Community and Public Sector Union, 1998-2001.

Community Worker, 1993-98.