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BROWN, Carol LouiseBiography for BROWN, Carol Louise

Senator for Tasmania

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Chosen by the Parliament of Tasmania on 25.8.2005 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice SM Mackay (resigned) (term ended 30.6.2008). Elected 2007 (term began 1.7.2008), 2013 and 2016.

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chair of Committees from 12.2.08 to 28.9.10.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Regulations and Ordinances from 13.9.05 to 1.7.11; Publications from 14.2.08 to 11.11.13 (Chair from 20.3.08 to 11.11.13 ); Selection of Bills from 30.9.10 to 11.11.13; Scrutiny of Bills from 1.7.11 to 11.11.13; Senators' Interests from 6.3.14 to 1.7.14; House from 1.9.16.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Finance and Public Administration: Legislation and References Committees from 13.9.05 to 11.9.06; Finance and Public Administration from 11.9.06 to 30.6.08; Community Affairs: References Committee from 15.9.05 to 11.9.06, from 14.5.09 to 25.2.13 and from 12.11.13 to 9.5.16 and Legislation Committee from 14.5.09 to 9.5.16; Community Affairs from 11.9.06 to 14.5.09; Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee, substitute member 23.5.18.

Joint Statutory: Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity from 14.2.08 to 19.7.10; Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings from 30.9.10 to 21.6.12; Human Rights from 1.7.14 to 9.5.16 and from 12.9.16.

Joint Standing: Treaties from 12.9.05 to 11.2.08; Electoral Matters from 14.2.08 to 9.5.16, from 12.9.16 to 1.12.16 and from 8.2.17; National Broadband Network from 23.3.11 to 21.6.12; National Capital and External Territories from 9.12.13 to 9.5.16; National Disability Insurance Scheme from 11.10.16.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Deputy Government Whip in the Senate from 27.9.10 to 18.9.13.

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Families and Payments from 18.10.13 to 23.07.16.

Shadow Minister for Disability and Carers from 23.07.16.

Party Positions

Acting State Secretary, ALP (Tas.) 2000.

Assistant Secretary for Education and Training, ALP (Tas.).

Other Positions

Member, Parliamentary Group on Population Development.

Deputy Convener, Parliamentary Friends of Parkinson's.

Chair, Parliamentary Friends of Arthritis.

Deputy Chair, Parliamentary Friends of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.

Member, Parliamentary Antarctic Alliance.

Member, Emily's List.


Born 19.7.1963, Hobart, Tas.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

Administrative Officer, ALP 1984-96.

Adviser to Senator SM Mackay 1996-98.

Portfolio Services Manager, Dept of Premier and Cabinet (Tas.) 1998-2002.

Adviser/Office Manager, Office of the Minister for Primary Industries, Water and Environment (Tas.) 2002-04.

Adviser/Office Manager, Office of the Minister for Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (Tas.) 2004-05.