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SMITH, the Hon. Stephen FrancisBiography for SMITH, the Hon. Stephen Francis

Member for Perth (WA) 1993-2013

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the House of Representatives for Perth, Western Australia, 1993, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010. Retired prior to general elections 2013.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Foreign Affairs from 3.12.07 to 14.9.10.

Minister for Trade from 28.6.10 to 14.9.10.

Minister for Defence from 14.9.10 to 18.9.13.

Committee Service

House of Representatives Standing: Banking, Finance and Public Administration from 12.5.93 to 29.1.96; Primary Industries, Resources and Rural and Regional Affairs from 25.8.97 to 31.8.98.

Joint Statutory: Corporations and Securities from 9.2.94 (Chair from 22.2.94) to 29.1.96.

Joint: Electoral Matters from 17.11.93 to 19.9.95; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 18.6.96 to 19.6.97.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Trinidad and Tobago and USA, July 2006.

Official visits to Indonesia and East Timor, December 2007; USA and Japan, January-February 2008; Solomon Islands, February 2008; New Zealand, March 2008; Papua New Guinea, April 2008; Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Japan and Singapore, May 2008; Italy, UK, United Arab Emirates and France, June 2008; Japan, June 2008; Vietnam and Thailand, July 2008; Fiji and Solomon Islands, July 2008; Singapore, July 2008; Indonesia, August 2008; India, September 2008; USA, September 2008; Philippines, October 2008; Cyprus, Israel and France, October 2008; Mexico and Peru, November 2008; UK, Belgium and Norway, November-December 2008; Fiji, December 2008; Japan, December 2008; Ethiopia, January 2009; Pakistan, February 2009; United Arab Emirates and China, March 2009; Netherlands and UK, March-April 2009; USA, April 2009; Indonesia, April 2009; Japan, April 2009; Turkey, April 2009; Saudi Arabia, May 2009; Tonga and Samoa, June 2009; New Zealand, June 2009; Malaysia, July 2009; Malta and Egypt, July 2009; Indonesia, July 2009; Thailand and Singapore, July 2009; Brazil and Chile, August 2009; USA, September 2009; UK, Poland and Sweden, October 2009; India, October 2009; Indonesia, October 2009; Sri Lanka and Singapore, November 2009; Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago, November 2009; Republic of Korea, December 2009; Botswana, South Africa and UK, January 2010; Spain, Austria and UK, February 2010; India, March 2010; Russia, Estonia and France, April 2010; USA and Dominica, May 2010; China and Japan, May 2010; New Zealand, May 2010; Papua New Guinea, July 2010; Indonesia, July 2010; Vanuatu, August 2010; United Arab Emirates, September 2010; Vietnam, October 2010; Portugal, November 2010; New Zealand, February 2011; UK and Belgium, March 2011; Timor-Leste, April 2011; United Arab Emirates, April 2011; Singapore, the Netherlands and Belgium, June 2011; Solomon Islands, July 2011; USA, July 2011 and September 2011; United Arab Emirates and Belgium, October 2011; Singapore and Malaysia, October-November 2011; India, December 2011; UK, January 2012; Belgium, February 2012; United Arab Emirates, April 2012; Belgium, April 2012; Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, April 2012; USA, May 2012; Singapore, June 2012; China, June 2012.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 19.3.96 to 16.6.03 and from 8.12.03 to 3.12.07. Shadow Minister for Trade from 20.3.96 to 27.3.97; Shadow Minister for Resources and Energy from 27.3.97 to 20.10.98; Shadow Minister for Communications from 20.10.98 to 25.11.01; Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing from 25.11.01 to 16.6.03; Shadow Minister for Immigration from 8.12.03 to 26.10.04; Shadow Minister for Industry, Infrastructure and Industrial Relations from 26.10.04 to 10.12.06; Shadow Minister for Education and Training from 10.12.06 to 3.12.07.

Deputy Leader of the House from 3.12.07 to 5.8.13.

Party Positions

State Secretary, ALP (WA) 1987-90.

Member, ALP National Executive 1987-90.

ALP National Junior Vice-President 1989-90.

Chair, Caucus Industry Committee, March 1993-March 1996.


Born 12.12.1955 at Narrogin, WA.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

LLB, BA (UWA), LLM (London).

Solicitor, lecturer and tutor 1978-83.

Principal Private Secretary to the State Attorney-General, WA 1983-87.

Party official 1987-90 (see Party positions above).

Adviser to the Treasurer, the Hon. PJ Keating, MP 1991.

Adviser to the Minister for Science and Technology, the Hon. RV Free, MP 1991.

Adviser to the Prime Minister, the Hon. PJ Keating, MP 1991-92.


Description: inner metropolitan.

Location: north central and north-eastern Perth; it includes the city of Perth and the suburbs of Ashfield, Bassendean, Bayswater, Bedford, Beechboro, East Perth, Eden Hill, Embleton, Highgate, Inglewood, Kiara, Lockridge, Maylands, Morley, Mt Lawley, Noranda, Northbridge, and parts of Coolbinia, Dianella, Menora, North Perth, West Perth and Yokine.

Area: 78 sq km (approx.).

Electors enrolled: 91 904 (at 21.8.10).

Industries: commercial, retail and service industries, administration.

State electorates: Perth includes the Western Australian Legislative Assembly electorates of Bassendean and Maylands, and parts of Morley, Mount Lawley and Perth.