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Biography for SCHOLES, the Hon. Gordon Glen Denton, AO

Member for Corio (Vic) 1967-93

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the House of Representatives for Corio, Victoria, at by-election on 22.7.67, vice the Hon. H.F. Opperman (resigned).

Re-elected 1969, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1987 and 1990.

Retired prior to general elections 1993.

Parliamentary Positions

Deputy Chairman of Committees from 4.3.70 to 2.11.72 and from 8.5.90 to 8.2.93.

Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committees from 28.2.73 to 27.2.75.

Speaker from 27.2.75 to 16.2.76.

(Authority to act from date of simultaneous dissolution on 11.11.75 to day before re-election of successor on 17.2.76 derives from Parliamentary Presiding Officers Act 1965.)

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Defence from 11.3.83 to 13.12.84.

Minister for Territories from 13.12.84 to 24.7.87.

Committee Service

House of Representatives Standing: Standing Orders from 25.11.69 to 2.11.72 and from 1.3.73 to 4.2.83; Privileges from 1.3.73 to 8.4.75; from 3.3.76 to 1.5.80 and from 5.3.81 to 4.2.83; Library from 27.2.75 to 11.11.75; House from 27.2.75 to 11.11.75; Legal and Constitutional Affairs from 8.10.87 to 8.2.93; Procedure from 8.10.87 (Chairman from 16.5.90) to 8.2.93.

Joint Statutory: Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings from 27.2.75 (Chairman from 27.2.75 to 11.11.75) to 4.2.83; Public Accounts from 8.10.87 to 17.5.90.

Joint: Australian Capital Territory from 1.6.89 to 7.5.92; National Capital from 7.5.92 to 8.2.93.

Joint Standing: Chairman, Parliamentary Committee System from 25.9.74 to 5.3.75; New Parliament House (formerly New and Permanent Parliament House) from 30.9.75 (Joint Chairman from 30.9.75 to 11.11.75) to 10.11.77, from 4.12.80 to 4.2.83, and from 28.2.85 to 19.2.90; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 14.3.78 to 19.10.80.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Councillor, Spring Meeting IPU, Monaco, April 1970; Deputy Leader, 58th IPU Conference, The Hague, October 1970.

Joint President, Australian Branches IPU and CPA from February 1975 to November 1975.

Chairman, IPU from February 1975 to November 1975. Member, Parliamentary Delegations to USSR, June 1973; Leader, Sweden and Denmark, June 1973.

Deputy Leader, 23rd CPA Conference, Canada, September 1977; Member, 27th CPA Conference, Suva, October 1981; 34th CPA Conference, Canberra, September 1988.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to East Asia, July 1975.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Papua New Guinea for Independence Day celebrations, September 1975.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to France and the Commissions of the European Community, May-June 1979.

Observer, South Pacific Commission, Tahiti, October 1979.

Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Delegations to the Australian Constitutional Conventions, Sydney, September 1973, Hobart, October 1976, and Perth, July 1978; Chairman, Melbourne, 1975.

Official visits to New Zealand, June 1983; New Guinea, June 1983; Washington, USA, July 1983; South-East Asia, April 1984; USA, UK and Sinai, June 1984.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the European Parliamentary Institutions and Ireland, August-September 1991.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Colombia, September-October 1992.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 27.1.76 to 11.3.83. Spokesman on Postal and Telecommunications Commissions from 27.1.76 to 2.6.77; on Primary Industry from 2.6.77 to 29.12.77; on Defence from 29.12.77 to 11.3.83 and on the Australian Capital Territory from 23.11.80 to 11.3.83.

Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives from 27.1.76 to 29.12.77.


Born 7.6.31 at Melbourne, Vic.


Local Government Service

Councillor, Geelong City Council 1965-67.


Appointed Officer of the Order of Australia, June 1993.


Description: Provincial.

Location: Southern Victoria; it includes east and north-west Geelong and the centres of Bellarine, Clifton Springs, Corio, Indented Head, Leopold, Newtown, Portarlington and St Leonards.

Area: 277 sq km (approx.).

Electors enrolled: 76 801 (at 15.2.93).

Industries: Stevedoring, car and tractor assembly plants, glass works, aluminium smelter, petroleum refinery, woollen mills, saltworks, paper mills, market gardening, dairying, poultry, mussel farming, fishing, cement production, tannery, carpeting, clothing, shoes, chemical production and tourism.

State electorates: Corio includes parts of the Victorian Legislative Assembly electorates of Bellarine, Geelong and Geelong North.