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Biography for McLEAY, the Hon. Leo Boyce

Member for Grayndler (NSW) 1979-93; Member for Watson (NSW) 1993-2004

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the House of Representatives for Grayndler, New South Wales at by election on 23.6.1979, vice the Hon. FE Stewart (deceased). Re-elected 1980, 1983, 1984, 1987 and 1990.

Re-elected following the 1992 electoral redistribution for Watson, New South Wales, 1993, 1996, 1998 and 2001.

Retired prior to general elections 2004.

Parliamentary Appointments

Trustee, Parliamentary Retiring Allowances Trust from 23.11.98 to 23.6.04.

Parliamentary Positions

Chair of Committees and Deputy Speaker from 11.2.86 to 29.8.89.

Speaker of the House of Representatives from 29.8.89 to 8.2.93.

Committee Service

House of Representatives Standing: Expenditure from 19.9.79 (Chair from 11.5.83 to 14.2.86) to 5.6.87; House from 26.11.80 to 4.2.83, from 29.8.89 (Chair from 29.8.89) to 8.2.93 and from 29.5.96 to 8.10.01; Procedure from 28.2.85 to 5.6.87 and from 12.5.93 to 29.1.96; Publications from 8.10.87 to 20.4.88; Transport, Communications and Infrastructure from 8.10.87 to 20.4.88; Selection from 16.2.88 (Chair from 17.2.88) to 6.9.89 and from 12.5.93 to 8.10.01; Library from 29.8.89 (Chair from 29.8.89) to 8.2.93; Televising of the House of Representatives (formerly Select Committee) from 6.6.91 (Chair from 6.6.91) to 8.2.93; Privileges from 12.5.93 to 14.10.99 and from 24.11.99 to 31.8.04; Environment, Recreation and the Arts from 12.5.93 to 29.1.96; Primary Industries, Resources and Rural and Regional Affairs from 29.5.96 to 25.8.97; Primary Industries and Regional Services from 8.12.98 to 8.10.01; Industry and Resources from 24.6.03 to 19.2.04.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts from 11.5.83 to 14.2.86 and from 12.5.93 to 9.2.94; Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings from 29.8.89 (Joint Chair from 29.8.89) to 8.2.93; Corporations and Securities from 18.6.96 to 31.8.04; Australian Security Intelligence Organization from 8.2.99 to 11.2.02; ASIO, ASIS and DSD from 21.3.02 to 31.8.04.

Joint Standing: New Parliament House from 12.5.83 (Joint Chair from 29.8.89) to 19.2.90; Parliamentary Zone from 20.8.91 (Joint Chair from 20.8.91) to 8.2.93; National Capital and External Territories from 27.5.93 to 29.1.96; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 19.6.97 to 31.8.98.

Joint Select: Intelligence Services from 28.6.01 to 27.8.01.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the 68th IPU Conference, Havana, September 1981; Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to the 84th IPU Conference, Punta del Este, Uruguay, October 1990; 86th IPU Conference, Santiago, Chile, October 1991; 88th IPU Conference, Sweden, September 1992; 90th IPU Conference, Canberra, September 1993; Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the 91st IPU Conference, Paris, March 1994; 92nd IPU Conference, Denmark and bilateral visits to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, August-September 1994; 93rd IPU Conference, Madrid, March 1995; 94th IPU Conference, Bucharest and bilateral visit to Slovenia, October 1995; 97th IPU Conference, Seoul, April 1997.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Africa, July-August 1982.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the European Parliamentary Institutions, Strasbourg, The Hague and France, September-October 1983.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegation to UK and Ireland, April 1988.

Member, 20th Regional Conference of Presiding Officers and Clerks, Western Samoa, June 1989; 21st Conference, Perth, June 1990.

Member, 10th Conference of Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers, Harare, Zimbabwe, January 1990.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Indonesia, January-February 1991.

Official visits to Venezuela, October 1991; Italy, September 1992.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to UK and Germany, June 1998.

Study tour, Jordan, Palestine and Israel, April 1999; China and North Korea, April-May 2000; South America, January 2001; Lebanon and Cyprus, July 2001; Canada, UK and the Netherlands, July-August 2002.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the 9th Annual Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum, Valparaiso, Chile, and bilateral visit to Chile, January 2001.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to USA and UK, May 2002.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to UK, May 2003.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Government Whip from 24.3.93 to 12.5.94.

Chief Government Whip from 12.5.94 to 11.3.96.

Chief Opposition Whip from 19.3.96 to 22.11.01.

Deputy Manager of Opposition Business in the House from 20.3.96 to 22.11.01.

Party Positions

Secretary, ALP Youth Council (NSW) 1969.

State organiser, ALP (NSW) 1976.

Assistant General Secretary, ALP (NSW) 1976-79.


Born 4.10.1945 at Marrickville, NSW.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

Assistant General Secretary, ALP (NSW).

Previously telephone technician with Telecom.

Local Government Service

Alderman, Marrickville Municipal Council 1971-77.


Description: inner metropolitan.

Location: inner South Sydney; it includes the suburbs of Bardwell Park, Belfield, Belmore, Beverly Hills, Bexley, Campsie, Canterbury, Carlton, Croydon Park, Earlwood, Hurstville, Kingsgrove, Lakemba and Roselands.

Area: 33 sq km (approx.).

Electors enrolled: 81 961 (at 10.11.01).

Industries: light manufacturing and service industries.

State electorates: Watson includes parts of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly electorates of Bankstown, Canterbury, Georges River, Kogarah, Lakemba and Rockdale.