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Biography for CHIPP, the Hon. Donald Leslie, AO

Member for Higinbotham (Vic) 1960-69; Member for Hotham (Vic) 1969-77; Senatorfor Victoria 1978-86.Liberal from 1960-77; Independent from March 1977; Australian Democrats fromMay 1977.

Australian Democrats

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the House of Representatives for Higinbotham, Victoria, at by-election 10.12.60, vice T.F. Timson (deceased).

Re-elected at subsequent general elections 1961, 1963 and 1966.

Re-elected following 1968 electoral redistribution for Hotham, Victoria, 1969, 1972, 1974 and 1975.

Retired 1977.

Elected to the Senate for Victoria 1977 (term began 1.7.78) and 1983.

Resigned 18.8.86.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for the Navy from 14.12.66 to 23.2.68.

Minister-in-charge of Tourist Activities under the Minister for Trade and Industry from 14.12.66 to 28.2.68.

Minister for Customs and Excise from 12.11.69 to 5.12.72.

Minister assisting the Minister for National Development from 27.5.71 to 5.12.72.

Deputy Leader of the House from 27.5.71 to 15.8.72.

Leader of the House from 15.8.72 to 5.12.72.

Minister for Social Security from 12.11.75 to 22.12.75.

Minister for Health from 12.11.75 to 22.12.75.

Minister for Repatriation and Compensation from 12.11.75 to 22.12.75.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Disputed Returns and Qualifications from 4.5.83 to 18.8.86.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Constitutional and Legal Affairs from 17.11.83 to 1.5.84.

Senate Select: South West Tasmania from 27.10.81 to 23.11.82.

House of Representatives Select: Grievances of Yirrkala Aborigines, Arnhem Land Reserve, 1963.

Joint Standing: Foreign Affairs from 23.4.64 to 31.10.66.

Joint Select: Conduct of a Judge from 30.3.84 to 24.8.84.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Leader, Parliamentary Delegations to Philippines and Indonesia, July 1967; Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, June-July 1970.

Leader, Parliamentary Delegations to Asia 1966 and 1971.

Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Delegation to the Australian Constitutional Convention, Adelaide, April 1983.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member, Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party Opposition Executive from 21.12.72 to 14.6.74.

Spokesman on International Trade and Tariffs from 21.12.72 to 14.6.74.

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 14.6.74 to 11.11.75. Spokesman on Social Security and Welfare from 14.6.74 to 11.11.75.

Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Democrats from 1.7.78 to 18.8.86.

Spokesman for the Australian Democrats on Prime Minister's Department, Attorney-General's, Trade and Resources, Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Transport, and Housing and Construction to 4.2.83; on Prime Minister's Department, Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Communications and Territories and Local Government from 21.4.83 to 20.2.85; on Prime Minister's Department, Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, and Nuclear Issues from 20.2.85 to 18.8.86.


Born 21.8.25 at Melbourne, Vic.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

BComm (Melb).

Management consultant.

Justice of the Peace.

Local Government Service

Councillor, City of Kew 1955-61.


Appointed Officer of the Order of Australia, June 1992.


The Third Man (with J. Larkin), Adelaide: Rigby, 1978.

Military Service

Enlistment in RAAF (aircrew) 31.12.43.

Discharged 27.9.45.