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CARRICK, the Hon. Sir John Leslie, KCMGBiography for CARRICK, the Hon. Sir John Leslie, KCMG

Senator for (NSW)

Liberal Party of Australia

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for New South Wales 1970. Re-elected 1974, 1975, 1980 and 1983. Retired prior to general elections 1987.

Ministerial Appointments

Minister for Housing and Construction from 12.11.1975 to 22.12.1975.

Minister for Urban and Regional Development from 12.11.1975 to 22.12.1975.

Cabinet Minister from 12.11.1975 to 11.3.1983.

Minister Assisting the Prime Minister in Federal Affairs from 22.12.1975 to 25.8.1978.

Minister for Education from 22.12.1975 to 8.12.1979.

Vice-President of the Executive Council from 7.8.1978 to 7.5.1982.

Minister for National Development and Energy from 8.12.1979 to 11.3.1983.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Library from 19.8.1971 to 26.2.1973; Standing Orders from 17.8.1978 to 4.2.1983; Regulations and Ordinances from 22.4.1983 to 19.2.1986.

Senate Select: Human Embryo Experimentation Bill 1985 from 28.11.1985 to 8.10.1986.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Education, Science and the Arts from 18.8.1971 to 11.11.1975; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 6.10.1971 to 11.4.1974; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 26.2.1985 to 5.6.1987.

Senate Estimates: E from 28.9.1971 to 2.11.1972; C from 28.9.1971 to 11.4.1974; B from 31.10.1974 to 3.9.1975; G from 3.9.1975 to 11.11.1975; C from 4.5.1983 to 21.2.1985; E from 26.3.1985 to 24.3.1987; B from 24.3.1987 to 31.3.1987; B from 29.4.1987 to 5.6.1987.

Joint Standing: Foreign Affairs from 19.8.1971 to 2.11.1972; Foreign Affairs and Defence from 16.5.1973 to 11.11.1975; New and Permanent Parliament House from 30.9.1975 to 11.11.1975.

Joint Select: Electoral Reform from 12.5.1983 to 5.6.1987.

Conferences Delegations and Visits

Official visits to New Zealand, January-February 1978

Attended the funeral of Earl Mountbatten of Burma, London, September 1979

Attended meetings of International Energy Agency, Paris, December 1980

Official visits to USA and Canada, March 1980

Official visits to Germany, UK and USA, December 1980

Official visits to Japan, January 1981

Official visits to UK, India and Indonesia, June 1981

Official visits to Papua New Guinea, July 1981

Attended meetings of International Energy Agency, Paris, June 1981

Attended meetings of International Energy Agency, Paris, May 1982

Official visits to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Thailand and Singapore, January 1982

Official visits to Austria and UK, May-June 1982

Attended Pacific Forum, Bangkok, January 1985

Member, Parliamentary Delegation, IPU Symposium on Conventional Disarmament, Mexico City, May 1985

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member of the Opposition Shadow Ministry from 14.6.1974 to 11.11.1975.

Opposition Spokesman on Urban Improvement from 14.6.1974 to 26.3.1975.

Opposition Spokesman on Federalism and Inter-Government Relations from 26.3.1975 to 11.11.1975.

Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate from 21.2.1978 to 7.8.1978.

Leader of the Government in the Senate from 7.8.1978 to 4.2.1983.

Party Positions

General Secretary, Liberal Party (N.S.W.), 1948-71


Born 4.9.1918, Sydney, Australia

Died 18.5.2018


Qualifications and Occupations before entering Federal Parliament



Appointed Knight Commander of The Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, 31.12.1981

Military Service

AIF Sparrow Force

Commissioned in the Sydney University Regiment, 1939

POW Timor, Java, Malaya, Thailand, from 1942 to 1945

CMF Service from 1948 to 1951