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BISHOP, Thomas MarkBiography for BISHOP, Thomas Mark

Senator for Western Australia 1996-2014

Australian Labor Party

Parliamentary Service

Elected to the Senate for Western Australia, 1996 (term began 1.7.1996), 2001 and 2007. Retired 30.6.2014.

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chair of Committees from 12.2.08 to 30.6.14.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Publications from 24.11.98 to 1.7.02; Scrutiny of Bills from 14.2.08 to 11.11.13; Senators' Interests from 12.11.13 to 30.6.14.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Economics: References Committee from 1.7.96 to 11.9.06 and from 1.7.11 to 30.6.14 and Legislation Committee from 4.9.97 to 9.11.98, from 1.7.11 to 11.11.13 and from 11.2.14 to 30.6.14; Economics from 12.2.08 to 30.6.08; Finance and Public Administration: Legislation Committee from 11.9.96 to 9.10.96 and References Committee from 17.10.96 to 4.12.96; Community Affairs: References Committee from 13.5.97 (Chair from 14.5.97) to 9.11.98 and Legislation Committee from 13.2.02 to 1.7.02; Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts: Legislation Committee from 24.11.98 to 11.2.02 and References Committees from 24.11.98 to 11.2.02 and from 18.11.04 to 1.7.05; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade: References Committee from 1.7.02 to 19.8.02, from 6.10.05 to 11.9.06 and from 14.5.09 to 11.11.13 and Legislation Committee from 6.10.05 to 11.9.06 and from 14.5.09 to 11.11.13; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 11.9.06 (Chair from 14.2.08) to 14.5.09.

Senate Select: Uranium Mining and Milling from 1.7.96 to 15.5.97; Information Technologies from 31.3.99 to 7.12.00.

Joint Statutory: Public Accounts and Audit from 10.5.06 to 5.8.13; Australian Crime Commission from 27.3.07 to 11.2.08; Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity from 29.3.07 to 11.2.08; Public Works from 14.2.08 to 24.6.09; Intelligence and Security from 1.7.11 to 30.6.14.

Joint Standing: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 1.7.02 to 19.8.02 and from 14.2.08 to 30.6.14.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the AIPO General Assembly, Nusa Dua, Bali, and bilateral visits to Thailand and Laos, September 1997.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the 45th CPA Conference, Trinidad and Tobago, September 1999.

Study tour, China and North Korea, April-May 2000; USA, July 2000.

Parliamentary Delegation to 60th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore, February 2002.

Parliamentary Delegation to 60th Anniversary of the Battle of the Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea, August 2002.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Papua New Guinea, October-November 2002.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Cambodia, July 2003.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, September-October 2003.

Official visits to UK, November 2003; Turkey, April 2004 and April 2005. Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Republic of Korea and USA, September 2006.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Chile and Peru, November 2006.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to UK and Belgium, November 2009.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Ethiopia, April 2011.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to UK, Spain, Germany and USA, April-May 2012.

Member, Parliamentary Delegation to Canada, May 2012.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Parliamentary Secretary representing the Shadow Minister for Communications in the Senate from 20.10.98 to 25.11.01.

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 22.11.01 to 10.12.06. Shadow Minister for Veterans' Affairs from 25.11.01 to 24.6.05; and Customs from 2.7.03 to 26.10.04; Shadow Minister for Defence Industry, Procurement and Personnel from 24.6.05 to 10.12.06.

Party Positions

Member, ALP Administrative Committee 1984-86.

Delegate, ALP National Conference from 1985.

Delegate, ALP National Executive from 1992.


Born 29.6.1954, Adelaide, SA.


Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

LLB (Adel), MPubAdmin (Harvard).

Industrial officer 1979-84.

Union secretary 1984-96.