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O'SULLIVAN, Barry JamesBiography for O'SULLIVAN, Barry James

Senator for Queensland


Parliamentary Service

Chosen by the Parliament of Queensland on 11.2.2014 under Section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice BTG Joyce (resigned) (term ended 9.5.2016). Elected 2016.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Publications from 1.7.14 to 10.9.15; Senators' Interests from 15.2.17.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport: Legislation Committee from 3.3.14 to 1.7.14 and from 1.9.16 (Chair from 1.9.16) and References Committee from 1.9.16; Education and Employment: Legislation Committee from 1.7.14 to 3.3.15; Legal and Constitutional Affairs: Legislation Committee from 1.7.14 to 10.9.15; Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation from 4.2.16 to 9.5.16.

Senate Select: School Funding from 3.3.14 to 18.3.14; Murray Darling Basin Plan from 23.2.16 to 9.5.16; National Integrity Commission from 15.2.17; Political Influence of Donations from 11.9.17.

Joint Statutory: Public Works from 3.3.14 to 1.7.14; Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity from 1.7.14 to 10.9.15, from 4.2.16 to 9.5.16 and from 12.9.16; Law Enforcement from 1.7.14 to 10.9.15, from 4.2.16 to 9.5.16, from 12.9.16 to 16.8.17, from 3.10.17 to 17.10.17 and from 5.2.18 to 12.2.18; Human Rights from 23.2.16 to 15.3.16.

Joint Standing: National Disability Insurance Scheme from 3.3.14 to 1.7.14; Publications from 7.7.14 to 9.5.16 (Chair from 26.8.14 to 9.5.16); Electoral Matters from 4.2.16 to 9.5.16 and from 12.9.16; Law Enforcement from 16.8.17 to 3.10.17.

Parliamentary Party Positions

The Nationals Party Whip in the Senate from 1.7.14 to 10.9.15.

National Party Whip in the Senate from 24.2.16 to 9.5.16.

Party Positions

Chair, Rockhampton Branch, The Nationals.

Chair and Campaign Director, Rockhampton state electorate, The Nationals.

Member, LNP Candidate Review Committee 2008-13; Chair 2010-13.

State Treasurer, LNP (Qld) 2009-13.


Born 24.3.1957, Gogango, Qld.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

Police officer 1976-91.

Grazier from 1979.

Managing Director, Jilbridge Pty Ltd and NewLands Group Holdings Pty Ltd 1991-2013.