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Environment and Communications Legislation Committee


In Attendance

Senator Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training

Department of the Environment and Energy


Mr Finn Pratt, Secretary

Ms Helen Wilson, Acting Deputy Secretary, Climate Change and Renewables Innovation Group

Mr Rob Heferen, Deputy Secretary, Energy

Outcome 2

Climate Change

Ms Gayle Milnes, Acting First Assistant Secretary

International Climate Change and Energy Innovation Division

Mr Brad Archer, First Assistant Secretary

Dr Lesley Dowling, Assistant Secretary, Energy Innovation and Ozone Protection Branch

Ms Kushla Munro, Assistant Secretary, International Branch

Mr Rob Sturgiss, Assistant Secretary, National Inventory Systems and International Reporting Branch

Outcome 4

Energy Division

Mr James Chisholm, First Assistant Secretary

Mr James O'Toole, Assistant Secretary, Electricity Branch

Mr James White, Assistant Secretary, Clean Energy Branch

Ms Rachel Parry, Assistant Secretary, Energy Productivity Branch

Mr Dwayne Purdy, Director of Gas Policy, Gas and Governance Branch

Energy Security and Efficiency Division

Mr Sean Sullivan, First Assistant Secretary

Ms Kimberley Pattinson, Acting Assistant Secretary, Energy International Implementation Branch

Ms Helen Bennett, Assistant Secretary, Energy Security Branch

Ms Michelle Croker, Assistant Secretary, Appliance and Building Energy Efficiency Branch

Mr Rick Miles, Director of GEMS Strategy, Governance and Analysis Section, Appliance and Building Energy Efficiency Branch