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Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee


In attendance

Senator Seselja, Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation

Department of Home Affairs

Mr Michael Pezzullo, Secretary, Department of Home Affairs

Ms Rachel Noble PSM, Deputy Secretary, Executive

Ms Linda Geddes, Deputy Secretary, Policy

Ms Cheryl-anne Moy, Acting Deputy Secretary, Corporate and Enabling; Acting Chief Operating Officer

Ms Maria Fernandez PSM, Deputy Secretary, Intelligence and Capability

Ms Malisa Golightly PSM, Deputy Secretary, Immigration and Citizenship Services

Mr Paul Grigson, Deputy Secretary, Infrastructure Transport Security and Customs Deputy Comptroller-General

Mr Alastair MacGibbon, Deputy Secretary, National Cyber Security Advisor

Ms Abigail Bradshaw, First Assistant Secretary Enterprise Strategy, Risk and Performance Division; Chief Risk Officer

Ms Kylie Scholten, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Executive Coordination

Mr Mark Brown, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Integrity, Security and Assurance Division

Dr Richard Johnson, First Assistant Secretary, Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Policy

Mr Hamish Hansford, First Assistant Secretary, National Security and Law Enforcement Policy

Mr Murali Venugopal, First Assistant Secretary, People

Ms Stephanie Cargill, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Finance; Acting Chief Finance Officer

Ms Pip de Veau, First Assistant Secretary, Legal General Counsel

Mr Andrew Rice, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Identity and Biometrics

Mr Michael Milford AM, First Assistant Secretary, Major Capability Division

Mr David Nockels, First Assistant Secretary, Property and Major Contracts

Ms Elizabeth Hampton, First Assistant Secretary, Health Services Policy and Child Wellbeing

Mr Steve Davies, First Assistant Secretary, Data Management; Chief Data Officer

Mr Peter Richards, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Immigration and Visa Services

Ms Miranda Lauman, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Refugee, Citizenship and Multicultural Programs

Ms Peta Dunn, First Assistant Secretary, Immigration Integrity and Community Protection

Mr Andrew Kefford PSM, First Assistant Secretary, Visa Delivery Transformation

Mr Sean Hugo, Acting First Assistant Secretary, ICT Division; Acting Chief Information Officer

Mr Gregory Miller, First Assistant Secretary, Cyber Security Policy Division

Mr Brendan Dowling, Acting First Assistant Secretary, International Policy Division

Mr Ben Wright, First Assistant Secretary, Productivity and Compliance, Australian Border Force

Dr Parbodh Gogna, Chief Medical Officer, Surgeon General

Mr Tony Sheehan, Deputy Secretary, Commonwealth Counter-Terrorism Coordinator

Mr Chris Teal, National Counter Foreign Interference Coordinator

Mr Karl Kent OAM, Deputy Commissioner, Commonwealth Transnational Serious and Organised Crime Coordinator

Australian Border Force

Mr Michael Outram APM, Commissioner

Ms Mandy Newton APM, Deputy Commissioner, Support

Ms Erin Dale, Assistant Commissioner, Strategic Border Command

Ms Vanessa Holben, Assistant Commissioner, Detention and Offshore Operations Command

Air Vice-Marshal Stephen Osborne, Commander, Operation Sovereign Borders Joint Agency Taskforce, Australian Federal Police

Australian Federal Police

Mr Andrew Colvin APM OAM, Commissioner

Ms Sue Bird, Chief Operating Officer

Ms Leanne Close APM, Deputy Commissioner National Security

Mr Ramzi Jabbour, Deputy Commissioner Capability

Mr Neil Gaughan APM, Deputy Commissioner Operations

Mr Karl Kent OAM, Deputy Commissioner, Transnational Serious Organised Crime Coordinator

Mr Scott Lee APM, Assistant Commissioner, International Operations

Mr Peter Gunning, Chief Financial Officer

Ms Andrea Quinn, Acting Assistant Commissioner, Reform Culture and Standards

Committee met at 09:04

CHAIR ( Senator Ian Macdonald ): I welcome everyone to this spillover estimates hearing of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee dealing with the budget estimates for 2018-19. The committee is meeting to complete some of the program we didn't get to last time. We have before us today the Australian Federal Police and the Department of Home Affairs, dealing with cross-portfolio, corporate and general matters in relation to program 1.4, Illegal and maritime arrivals offshore management, and program 2.4, Refugee and humanitarian assistance.

Senator PRATT: Chair, I'd like to advise that the opposition doesn't have any questions under 2.4. I think it was Senator McKim that requested them. Mr Pezzullo might, with the chair's indulgence, advise those officers that they won't be required.

CHAIR: Yes. That was the other thing that—

Senator PRATT: I meant to raise in the meeting. I beg your pardon.

CHAIR: And that is the fact: program 2.4 was raised by Senator McKim, who is an apology for today. Mr Pezzullo, you can tell the relevant officers that they can stay and do some productive work rather than sit around here waiting for that. The only part for cross-portfolio will be program 1.4, IMA and offshore management.

Mr Pezzullo : Thank you.

CHAIR: The committee has set Friday, 14 September as the date by which answers to questions on notice are to be returned, and we've asked that any additional written questions on notice should be provided to the secretariat by Friday, 10 August. All evidence is to be taken in public. Witnesses know they are protected by parliamentary privilege. The committee's usual practice is to allow filming of proceedings. That applies today, but the media is aware that this permission to film can be revoked at any time, and filming may not occur during suspensions or after the adjournment of proceedings. If any witness objects to filming, the objector should make the committee aware of that objection, and the committee will consider that further. Copies of the resolution concerning the broadcasting of committee proceedings are available from the secretariat should anyone want to pursue that further. I welcome the Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation, Senator the Hon. Zed Seselja, representing the Minister for Home Affairs. Minister, did you want to make an opening statement of any sort?

Senator Seselja: No, thank you.