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The following documents were deemed to have been presented on 19 September 2012:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 219 [F2012L01877].

Aged Care Act—

Determinations—2012 Residential care subsidy—

Amount of accommodation supplement (No. 2) [F2012L01882].

Amount of concessional resident supplement (No. 2) [F2012L01886].

Amount of pensioner supplement (No. 2) [F2012L01884].

Amount of respite supplement (No. 2) [F2012L01880].

Amount of transitional accommodation supplement (No. 2) [F2012L01885].

Amount of transitional supplement (No. 2) [F2012L01879].

Principles under section 96-1—2012 User rights—Amendment (No. 3) [F2012L01881].

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act—Instrument under section 269A—10 September 2012 [F2012L01883].

Financial Management and Accountability Act—Notice under section 39A—Commonwealth acquiring shares in NBN Co Limited—14 September 2012.

Migration Act—Direction under section 499—2012 No. 55.

Patents Act—Regulations—Select Legislative Instrument—2012 No. 221 [F2012L01878].

Private Health Insurance Act—Rules—2012—

Benefit requirements—Amendment (No. 5) [F2012L01887].

Complying product—Amendment (No. 7) [F2012L01888].

Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act—Guidelines—Register—2012 [F2012L01889].