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Questions without notice being asked--

Member named and suspended: The Speaker named the Member for

Gippsland (Mr McGauran) for continuing to interject after

having been warned by the Chair.

Mr Beazley (Leader of the House) moved--That the Member for

Gippsland be suspended from the service of the House.

Mr Fischer (Leader of the National Party of Australia) having

indicated that the Member had not spoken and might be given the

opportunity of apologising, the Member indicated he would not

apologise and was insolent to the Chair.


The House divided (the Speaker, Mr Martin, in the Chair)--

AYES, 77

Mr Adams
Mr Baldwin
Mr Beazley
Mr Beddall
Mr Bevis
Mr Bilney
Mr Brereton
Mr Brown
Mr Campbell
Mr Chynoweth
Mr Cleary
Mr Cleeland
Ms Crawford
Mr Crean
Mrs Crosio
Mr Cunningham
Ms Deahm
Mr Dodd
Mr Duffy
Mr Duncan
Mrs Easson
Mr Elliott
Mr M. J. Evans
Ms Fatin
Mr Ferguson
Mr Fitzgibbon
Mr Free
Mr Gear
Mr Gibson
Mr Grace*
Mr Griffin
Mr Griffiths
Mr Haviland
Ms Henzell
Mr Holding
Mr Hollis
Mr Horne
Mr Howe
Mr Humphreys
Mr Jenkins
Mr Johns
Mr Jones
Mr Keating
Mr Kerr
Mr Knott
Mr Langmore
Mr Latham
Mr Lavarch
Dr Lawrence
Mr Lee
Mr Lindsay
Ms McHugh
Mr Mack
Mr McLeay
Mr Melham
Mr A. A. Morris
Mr P. F. Morris
Mr Newell
Mr O'Connor
Mr O'Keefe
Mr Price
Mr Punch
Mr Quick
Mr Sawford*
Mr L. J. Scott
Mr Simmons
Mrs S. J. Smith
Mr S. F. Smith
Mr Snow
Mr Snowdon
Mr Staples
Mr Swan
Mr Tanner
Dr Theophanous
Mr Tickner
Mr Walker
Mr Woods

NOES, 61

Mr Abbott
Mr Anderson
Mr J. N. Andrew
Mr K. J. Andrews
Mr Atkinson
Mr Beale
Mrs Bishop
Mr Braithwaite
Mr Cadman
Mr Cameron
Mr Charles
Mr Cobb
Mr Connolly
Mr Costello
Mr Dobie
Mr Downer
Mr R. D. C. Evans
Mr Filing
Mr Fischer
Mr Forrest
Mrs Gallus
Mr Georgiou
Mr Hall
Mr Hawker*
Mr Hicks*
Mr Howard
Mr Jull
Mr Katter
Dr Kemp
Mr Lieberman
Mr Lloyd
Mr McArthur
Mr McGauran
Mr McLachlan
Mr Miles
Mr Moore
Mrs Moylan
Mr Nehl
Mr Neville
Mr Nugent
Mr Prosser
Mr Pyne
Mr Reid
Mr Reith
Mr Rocher
Mr Ronaldson
Mr Ruddock
Mr B. C. Scott
Mr Sharp
Mr Sinclair
Mr Slipper
Mr Somlyay
Mrs Sullivan
Mr Taylor
Mr Truss
Mr Tuckey
Mr Vaile
Mr Wakelin
Mr Williams
Dr Wooldridge
Ms Worth

* Tellers

And so it was resolved in the affirmative.

The Member was, therefore, suspended at 3.57 p.m. for 24 hours

under standing order 305, and he accordingly withdrew from the


Questions without notice continued.