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Senate Order of Business No.58, Wednesday

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The Senate

This document is issued as a guide to senators.

The business listed is subject to change.



(Proceedings to be broadcast on radio)



AT 9.30 am


  1. Prayers

  1. Authorisation for committee to meet

C hair of the Select Committee on Fuel and Energy (Senator Cormann), by leave, to move a motion authorising the committee to hold a private meeting otherwise than in accordance with standing order 33(1) during the sitting of the Senate today

  1. Government business

Order of the day -

No. 1-Appropriation (Nation Building and Jobs) Bill (No. 1) 2008-2009

Appropriation (Nation Building and Jobs) Bill (No. 2) 2008-2009

Household Stimulus Package Bill 2009

Tax Bonus for Working Australians Bill 2009

Tax Bonus for Work ing Australians (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2009

Commonwealth Inscribed Stock Amendment Bill 2009

- Resumption of second reading debate

Refer to Notice Paper for other orders of the day


At 12.45 pm

  1. Matters of public interest discussion

At 2 pm

  1. Questions

  1. Motions to take note of answers

Time limit: 30 minutes

  1. Petitions

  1. Notices of motion

  1. Placing of business

  • Postponement notifications
  1. Discovery of formal business 1

General business - notices of motion -

No. 351 - Senator Siewert - Japanese whaling

No. 352 - Chair of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee (Senator Crossin) - Extensions of time to report (exposure draft of the Personal Property Securities Bill 2008; provisions of the Disability Discrimination and Other Human Rights Legislation Amendment Bill 2008 and the Federal Court of Australia Amendment (Criminal Jurisdiction) Bill 2008)

No.  353 - Chair of the Economics Committee (Senator Hurley) - Setting the reporting date for the committee’s inquiry into bank mergers

No. 354 - Chair of the Educat ion, Employment and Workplace Relations Committee (Senator Marshall) - Extension of time to report (oversight of the child care industry)

No.  355 - Chair of the Finance and Public Administration Committee (Senator Polley) - Authorising the committee to meet during the sitting of the Senate on Thursday, 12 February 2009

No. 356 - Leader of the Australian Greens (Senator Bob Brown) - Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre

No. 357 - Chair of the Environment, Communications and the Arts Committee (Senator McEwen) - Setting reporting dates for the committee’s inquiry into effectiveness of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 and other programs in protecting threatened species and ecological communities

  1. Any proposal pursuant to standing order 75

(If a proposal is submitted, it will be circulated in the chamber)

Time limit: 60 minutes, or if no motions are moved  

to take note of answers, 90 minutes

  1. Tabling and consideration of committee reports - pursuant to standing order 62(4)

Time limit per speaker: 10 minutes 

Total time limit for all motions: 60 minutes

  1. Ministerial statements

  1. Tabling of documents

  1. By President
  2. By ministers
  3. By Clerk (delegated legislation including regulations, ordinances, determinations, rules, declarations and orders - a list will be circulated in the chamber)
  • Return to order - Letter of advice relating to departmental and agency contracts
  • Return to order - Assessment report by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission on anti-competitive health cover practices

Time limit per speaker: 10 minutes 

Time limit per motion: 30 minutes 

Total time limit for all motions: 60 minutes

  1. Committee membership , by leave

  1. Messages from the House of Representatives transmitting the Defence Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2008 and the Federal Court of Australia Amendment (Criminal Jurisdiction) Bill 2008 for concurrence ( these bills not subject to the bills cut - off order )

  1. Government business continued (see item 3 )

At 6.50 pm

  1. Consideration of government documents listed at page 5 of today s Notice Paper

Time limit: 30 minutes


  1. Adjournment proposed - 7.20 pm, or when consideration of government documents concludes

  1. Adjournment - not later than 8 pm











Clerk of the Senate


Temporary chairs of committee on roster - Senators Trood, Carol Brown, Hurley, Moore, Troeth, Crossin and Barnett



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1   If a notice of motion is declared formal it will be put and determined without amendment or debate. Any senator may object to a notice of motion being declared formal, in which case it will be listed for debate at a subsequent time.