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Notice given 16 October 2012

2380  Senator Cash: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship—With reference to the answer provided to question no. BE12/0380, taken on notice during the 2012-13 Budget estimates hearing of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee concerning the 2011 Christmas Island riots, which states that seven people were convicted and that the Minister refused the visa of one of the convicted persons:

(1) Can details be provided of the offence/s for which each of the seven individuals was convicted.

(2) For what offence was the individual who was refused a visa by the Minister convicted.

2381  Senator Cash: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health—With reference to the draft discussion paper entitled ‘Review Stage 1: Retirement 410 Visa Holders and Access to Medicare’ published by the department in September-October 2011, and given that British Expat Retirees in Australia provided comment on the draft discussion paper, notably in relation to the absence of any comment on the 457 temporary visas, and were advised that the department was considering the comments prior to finalising the document:

(1) Has this document been released in its final form; if so, can a copy be provided; if not, when is it expected to be published.

(2) Will a definitive report be published that explains the basis of the department’s findings and recommendations.

2382  Senator Ludlam: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—With reference to the potential sale, from the department to Defence Housing Australia, of the Gunners’ Cottages on Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle:

(1) Were the properties independently valued.

(2) What sale price was arrived at after the department’s valuation and the independent valuation was complete.

(3) Has the sale been progressed or agreed to.

(4) What major maintenance and refurbishments to the properties are needed.

(5) What is the estimated cost of maintenance and refurbishments.


 (6) Have maintenance and refurbishment costs been put to the Public Works Committee and what is the anticipated schedule for their refurbishment; if not, when will the maintenance and refurbishments be put to the Public Works Committee.

(7) When is it expected that the houses may be inhabited.