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Notice given 27 June 2012

1937  Senator Ryan: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General ( transferred to the Minister representing the Minister for Home Affairs on 23 August 2012 )—

(1) Is the CrimTrac Board of Management aware of Mr Murray Rankin’s appointment as Chairman of Connexxion Business Solutions; if so: when was the Board informed, and did Mr Rankin himself inform the Board of the appointment; if not, were any board members personally aware of the appointment.

(2) On what basis did the Board make the decision to award contracts for management advisory services and temporary personnel services at a cost indicated in the multiple AusTender Contract Notices, totalling approximately $785 551, for the period September 2009 to November 2011.


 (3) Is Connexxion Business Solutions currently providing services to CrimTrac; if so, what is the total cost of all services provided, for the period 1 July 2010 to 26 June 2012.

(4) Did the Board consider any alternative service providers prior to awarding contracts to Connexxion Business Solutions; if so, which businesses; if not, why not.

(5) Is the Board considering further contracts between CrimTrac and Connexxion Business Solutions.

(6) Was the CrimTrac Chief Executive Officer (CEO) aware of the appointment of Mr Rankin as Chairman when the contracts referred to above were awarded; if so, when was the current CEO informed, and did Mr Rankin himself inform the CEO of the appointment.

(7) Is the Board or the CEO of CrimTrac aware of any: (a) business nexus between Connexxion Business Solutions and Projects Assured; (b) contracts in which Connexxion Business Solutions was contracted for services provided by Projects Assured; and (c) subcontractors contracted by Connexxion Business Solutions to conduct work for CrimTrac; if so, can the details relating to each instance be provided.

(8) Do any CrimTrac Board members, including the CEO, have a nexus with, or hold an appointment to the Board of, any other company that has dealings with CrimTrac, which may give rise to a conflict of interest.

(9) Can a list be provided detailing the number of contracts CrimTrac has entered into with Connexxion Business Solutions that were not advertised on AusTender, including: (a) the total cost of each contract; and (b) other specific relevant information, such as services provided.

(10) Can details be provided of all contracts entered into between CrimTrac and Connexxion Business Solutions to date.