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Notice given 22 March 2011

535  Senator Boyce: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Ageing—With reference to statements made in the department’s annual report for 2009-10 which claimed the department provided ‘the oversight of NEHTA [National E-Health Transition Authority], including reporting against agreed deliverables’ and ‘the department assessed and accepted progress reports for a total of 52 deliverables from the authority’: Can copies of the progress reports be provided; if not, why not.

537  Senator Ludlam: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport—With reference to the National Cycling Strategy 2011-2016 which notes that the $40 million Commonwealth stimulus funding for cycling infrastructure was significant, but states that more investment is required to ‘facilitate real progress on the cycling agenda’:

(1) Can an outline be provided detailing the funding and resources, including full-time equivalents, allocated within the department to active transport.

(2) Does the department consider funding for bicycle infrastructure to be a legitimate component of transport funding.

(3) Is there any indication that the department will move towards regular funding for bicycle infrastructure; if not, why not.

(4) How many kilometres of dedicated bicycle paths currently exist in Australia.

(5) What is the Federal Government doing to address safety for cyclists.