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Notice given 23 December 2008

1207  Senator Abetz: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations—With reference to the answer to DEEWR question no. EW631 09 taken on notice on 3 June 2008 during the 2008-09 Budget estimates hearings of the Education, Employment and Workplace Relations Committee:

(1) Can a copy be provided of the signatory page of the document referred to as ‘document labelled as an Australian Workplace Agreement’.

(2) Does this page disclose the signature of the employer.

(3) On what basis is it claimed in the answer provided that ‘this document was not signed by the employer’.

(4) Whilst it is acknowledged that the claimant stated in an interview that she had not seen an Australian Workplace Agreement, was she ever presented with a copy of the ‘document labelled as an Australian Workplace Agreement’, which purportedly had the claimant’s signature attached to it.

(5) Was the claimant asked to verify or deny that it was her signature attached to that ‘document labelled as an Australian Workplace Agreement’.

(6) Given the date that appeared on the ‘document labelled as an Australian Workplace Agreement’ and the claimant’s commencement of employment, was any further verification or information sought from the claimant in relation to the document and her previous sighting of it.

(7) (a) On what dates did Ms Healy make back pay payments; and (b) were three of those payments made during 2007; if so, on what dates were those payments made.

(8) On what date was Ms Healy officially charged.

(9) On what basis was it reported in the Hobart Mercury that Mr Wilson had advised that Ms Healy ‘had not voluntarily complied with the Ombudsman during the investigation’.

(10) Is it acknowledged that payments for the underpaid staff were in fact made prior to Ms Healy being officially charged.

(11) Is voluntary payment prior to being charged considered to be voluntary compliance; if so, why did Mr Wilson assert Ms Healy had not voluntarily complied during the investigation.