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Notice given 18 December 2008

*1196  Senator Ludlam: To ask the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research—

(1) (a) When the OPAL research reactor is operating at full capacity, what is the heat output per cubic metre of spent nuclear fuel when it is first removed from the reactor; and (b) if the answer to (a) is above 2kW/m3, after what period of time does the heat output fall below 2kW/m3.

(2) What is the heat output for a single spent fuel element when first removed from the reactor.

(3) What is the volume of each spent fuel element.

(4) How many spent fuel elements does the OPAL reactor discharge annually.

(5) Can a full list be provided of the names, quantities and half-lives of radionuclides contained in spent nuclear fuel when it is first removed from the OPAL reactor.

(6) Can detailed information be provided on medical radioisotope supply arrangements during the periods when the OPAL reactor has not been operating or has been operating at less than full capacity.

(7) Can any independently-verifiable information be provided to support the information provided in the answer to question 6.

*1197  Senator Cormann: To ask the Minister for Climate Change and Water—With reference to the following statement taken from the White Paper, Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme: Australia’s low pollution future , (December 2008, p. xxix), ‘The Government will facilitate the participation of Indigenous land managers in carbon markets and will consult with Indigenous Australians on forestry and other opportunities under the Scheme’:


 (1) Will a distinct set of rules be established for Indigenous land owners as compared to non-Indigenous land owners, particularly in regard to lease-hold land.

(2) Where does the ownership of sequestered carbon lie in relation to: (a) lease-hold land; (b) land held under native title arrangements; and (c) land jointly held under lease-hold and native title.

*1198  Senator Cormann: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs—With reference to the answer to Question 17, taken on notice during the additional budget estimates hearing of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee on 21 February 2008 (Committee Hansard, FAD&T 154-5), regarding access to the Indian market by Western Australian Sandalwood producers, ‘The Australian High Commissioner has written to the Secretaries of the Indian Ministries of Commerce and Finance to seek the removal or reduction of India’s tariff on sandalwood oil. The Department will continue to follow up these representations’:

(1) Can details be provided of all actions, including representations, regarding this issue undertaken by the department in 2008.

(2) What follow-up to the letter cited in the answer took place.