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Notice given 25 June 2003

Senator Tierney: To move—That the following matter be referred to the Employment, Workplace Relations and Education References Committee for inquiry and report by the last sitting day in June 2004:

Parents as educators in the early childhood years, with particular reference to:

(a) the extent to which parenting skills and family support are factors in reducing educational and social risks of children in the 3 years and under age group;

(b) whether current patterns of parental involvement in community and school-based programs are adequate to respond to the challenge of assisting children with early learning and social behaviour problems;

(c) the current state and territory provisions and programs, whether based on pre-schools, schools, play groups or day-care centres etc, established to assist parents with early childhood learning support;

(d) best practice in home to school transition programs for children, and an assessment as to whether they can be adapted for national implementation; and

(e) the most appropriate role for the Commonwealth in supporting national programs for raising parental consciousness and levels of knowledge and competence in relation to the early educational, social and emotional and health needs of children.

On 1 September 2004

Business of the Senate—Order of the Day

Legal and Constitutional References Committee

Report to be presented on the needs of expatriate Australians.

On the next day of sitting after the government fully complies with the order for the production of documents relating to a proposed excise and production subsidy on ethanol made on 16 October 2002

Government Business—Order of the Day

Customs Tariff Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2003

Excise Tariff Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2003— ( Special Minister of State, Senator Abetz )

Second reading—Adjourned debate ( 12 August 2003 ).

On a date to be determined after consulting  

the Economics Legislation Committee

Business of the Senate—Order of the Day

*1  Economics Legislation Committee

Report to be presented on the provisions of the Treasury Legislation Amendment (Professional Standards) Bill 2003. ( Referred pursuant to Selection of Bills Committee report .)

Within 3 months after the text of the agreement is made publicly available, or on such later date as determined by the committee

Business of the Senate—Order of the Day

*1  Free Trade Agreement—Australia and the United States of America—Select Committee

Report to be presented.