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Notice given 17 November 2003

2380  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Trade—

(1) For each year since 1998-99, what was the volume and value of Australia’s flour exports to Indonesia.

(2) What Australian companies have been granted accreditation by the Indonesian Government to export flour to Indonesia.

(3) Were Australian flour imports into Indonesia restricted during 2003 by the Indonesian Government; if so:

(a) what restrictions were applied;

(b) when were the restrictions applied;

(c) what was the impact on Australia’s flour exports;

(d) when was the department made aware of the restrictions and what was the source of this information;

(e) was the department asked to make representations on behalf of Australian flour exporters to overturn the restrictions; if so, who made this request and when was it made;

(f) what representations did the department make to the Indonesian Government in relation to these restrictions;

(g) did the department, including embassy staff in Jakarta, make direct representations to the Indonesian Trade Minister on behalf of Manildra Flour Mills; and

(h) have restrictions been lifted in response to the department’s representations; if so, when were restrictions lifted and when was the department informed.

Senator Brown: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 2381-2382)—Have any Australian personnel who were directly or indirectly seconded to another country’s military, police or security forces (including United States forces) been killed or injured in direct fire, helicopter crashes or in any other way in Iraq in 2003.

2382 Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs