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Notice given 25 March 2003

426  Chair of the Finance and Public Administration References Committee (Senator Forshaw): To move—That the order of the Senate of 20 June 2001 relating to departmental and agency contracts be amended as follows:

(a) paragraph (1), omit “the tenth day of the spring and autumn sittings”, substitute “2 calendar months after the last day of the financial and calendar year”;

(b) at the end of paragraph (2)(b), add “the commencement date of the contract, the duration of the contract, the relevant reporting period and the twelve-month period relating to the contract listings”;

(c) paragraph (7), after “first”, insert “and second”; and

(d) at the end of paragraph (8), add “and with respect to bodies subject to the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997 , on and after 1 January 2004”.