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Notice given 26 March 2003

1357  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister for Family and Community Services—

(1) Can the Government confirm the statistics on young people in nursing homes published on page 10 of the Australian of 24 March 2003.

(2) (a) What are the most recent statistics the Government has received from the states on the breakdown by number, age and location of people under 65 in state-run nursing homes; and (b) can a copy of these statistics be tabled.

(3) In light of the 2003 Productivity Commission report on government services, which highlights massive funding differences between government and non-government disability services: How can the Government ensure the needs of younger people in nursing homes are being met when there is an up to $60 000 per year difference in service costs.

(4) Can an explanation be provided as to why young people in nursing homes, who generally have high support needs, in some states receive half the funding that is available to other people with disabilities.

(5) Given that the Commonwealth State Territory Disability Agreement (CSTDA) is the main instrument available to the Commonwealth to develop and implement a national approach to disability services, and given that the issues of an ageing population referred to in the intergenerational report are just as relevant to people with disabilities and their families: What is the Government doing in regard to long-term planning for Australia’s disability services through the CSTDA.

(6) What is being done through the CSTDA negotiation process to ensure that people under 65 with disabilities in nursing homes are able to access disability services to ensure they have the same rights and opportunities as other people with disabilities in our community.

(7) Whilst acknowledging that the states are responsible for young people in nursing homes, does the Government agree that it is a pressing national problem.

(8) What is the Government doing through the CSTDA to manage and monitor services and more appropriate accommodation for young people in nursing homes at the national level.

(9) (a) What discussions has the Minister had with the Minister for Ageing about the Department of Health and Ageing Innovative Pool Program; (b) what was the outcome of these discussions; (c) how is the CSTDA going to reflect the states participation in this program; and (d) what is the Minister going to do for young people in nursing homes who are not represented in Innovative Pool pilots in their state.

(10) What is being provided in the CSTDA for the young individuals who may receive service through these 2-year pilots when the pilots finish.

1358  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Science—With reference to the refit of the research vessel Southern Surveyor :

(1) How much did the refit cost, who did the refit and when.

(2) (a) Who tendered for the refit; and (b) how many tenderers were there.

(3) What would a new ship have cost.

(4) What problems have been encountered since the refit.